Over the past years Genetically Modified Foods has slowly sneaked in to Pinoys diet – it’s not surprising though since we’re part of this global enterprise and many of this multinational companies that propelled this so called biotech crops have strong hold in the Philippine soil. The sad part is that there has not been so much of a ruckus about this thing, in fact, many of these biotech crops are only inspected or get attention when untoward incidents happen. The saddest part is that many of these food now comes ready to eat and for Christ’s sake, how will I ever know that this certain bottle contains GMO as there’s no such phrase in the label.

Health advocates say that to avoid further health hazard brought about by these GM crops, we are encouraged, if not obliged, to buy organic food, but thing with authentic, organic veggies – they’re so hard to find in the market, if there’ll be one they’re likely sold at a little bit pricey tag and often short of stock.

I lately found out that Human Nature, a company that develops and markets all-organic products and stands on pro-environment and pro-poor advocacy, sells from time to time certified organic veggies like these ….. sayote, baguio beans, eggplants etc. They’re produce of the farmers, Human Nature's mother organization, Gawad Kalinga is supporting in Brgy. Catigan here in Davao … If you have time you can drop by Human Nature’s office at Plaza del Carmen in Obrero in Davao City to pick up your pesticide-free veggies.

Or better yet grow your own veggies; your side yard can be your heady source of fresh and organic ‘alugbati’, lemon grass, etc…. Urban houses are often scarce with space, but you can always opt for containers to grow yours ... your little creativity will go a long way.

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