It’s Sunday on this side of the world – the only day I can lazy around, and had trouble finding my domestic sense to wake up and do house jobs. I woke up with our Vice Mayor Rody Duterte talking on his ABS-CBN program ‘Para sa Masa- Gikan sa Masa’ this morning, t’was already on the last minutes and heard him appealing to the public to help and donate any love amount to the children with cancer confined in a public hospital here in the city. 

Actually, we’re silent supporters of these children, they’re those that can’t really afford hospitalization and we’re coursing our donations at a certain foundation. It breaks my heart seeing these kids that’s why even in our little way we extend our help. I just thought maybe if the government can provide wholesale insurance, covering major hospitalization bills and the like, it would really be a great help for these kids. While it’s a soul enriching experience to volunteer and visit these kids, I can’t stay on that pediatric ward for long, not for any other reason but simply because I’m a mom, you’ll get out depressed and with a heavy heart seeing them helpless and can do nothing but just say Hi, hello, how are you? 

In the end, I often comfort myself that … maybe this is how life is, I’m on the well side of it so I have more responsibility to help, let them feel at ease and comfort them is the humblest I can do.

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