It’s almost time for that special someone to leave on deployment. No one wants to see her go, but this is the life she chose. At the same time, she’s going to miss you too. Before she boards her plane, send some things with her that will remind her of you. 

A Military Ring 

A military ring is a gold or silver ring with her branch of service along with a gemstone. It’s a simple gift that she can always look to if she’s feeling lonely out there in the field. It’s also something that will remind her of why she joined when she’s feeling homesick or depressed while deployed. 

A Paracord Bracelet 

A paracord bracelet can be both feminine and functional. These bracelets are made from parachute nylon - the same nylon that has been used by the U.S. military since WWII in parachutes. It’s incredibly strong and reliable, and it has an almost unlimited number of uses. If your loved one is unfortunate enough to be caught in a difficult situation that requires makeshift rope material, material for trapping wild game, or she needs to fabricate something to help her climb a tree or over rough terrain, these bracelets will come in handy. It can even be used as a tourniquet, if needed. Hopefully, it never comes to that. 

Stamps, Stationary, and Calling Cards 

One thing that’s always in short supply while overseas is stationary and stamps. Letters to and from home often make the deployment less stressful. Even today in the age of the Internet, some countries aren’t all that well connected. Sometimes, the military restricts access to the Internet or it’s prohibitively expensive for troops to purchase. 

Letters are cheap, reliable, and can allow you and your loved one to create memorable memories that last forever. 

Calling cards are another good idea. While Internet access might be spotty, most places have a phone, and there’s almost nothing that beats a phone call from a loved one. 

Finally, if you can get them access to Internet, paying for the access the entire time they are deployed can be an excellent gift. They can use free apps, like Skype, to communicate with you when they’re not working. That way, you can actually see them, and that might be one of the best gifts you could ever give. 

Plan a Going-Away Party 

The female soldiers in the civil war never got a going away party. In fact, during that time, females weren’t allowed to fight on the front lines. Today, that’s just not the case. Whether or not your friend or loved one will see battle, a going-away party will help make the trip a little easier. 

It’s also a gift that doesn’t take up any space. 

A Word On Space 

Regardless of the gift you buy, make sure you’re not burdening your loved one with something that’s impractical or impossible to ship or take with them. There’s only so much room, and so many things, that she can take with her. 

The gift should be simple, practical, and something that isn’t easily or readily available while deployed.

Helen Moser served in the Navy for a number of years. Now retired, she likes to do what she can to support the soldiers stationed overseas. You can look for her informative articles on a variety of websites and blogs. 

(image: CTO)

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