Ppt files are only the slideshow of images, to make it more attractive it should be converted to video form. Therefore, to convert it to video there is software called powerpoint to video converter.  This software easily converts ppt files to video form of any format.

Install The Software

Firstly, install the software to the computer. This can be easily available in the market. It is reliable and easy to use for converting the files. Just follow the instruction given in the wizard. 

Add The Ppt File

After installing the software, there comes an option to select the file, which you want to convert. So just, add the file to the program, to add it click on the ADD button. Then the loading will start and it may take time depends on the size of the file.

Select The Output Format

After adding the ppt file to the software, just select the format of video in which you want to see the converted file. There are various kinds of formats provided in the software even you can its timing, transition, type i.e. manually or automatic. 

Add Audio Track

To make your presentation video more attractive and powerful you can even add audio or your own recorded sound to it. This software enables you to add everything to the video. You can select the audio as per your idea and even you can add your own audio, which gives the presentation a commentary look.

Convert The File

After selecting and adding everything to the program, just select the destination place where you have to store the converted file. Now click the CONVERT button to start the conversion. After completing the conversion, you can even transfer ti to your mobile or any other device as per your need.

This software is easy to use and reliable. Movavi is very famous for such software in the market. If you need more information about any software, just browse or check out www.movavi.com/powerpoint-to-video-converter/index.html .

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