The dangers of smoking and the many ways how to stop it are by far two of the well-campaigned advocacies any private and public health ministries have engaged into around the world. 

When one is experiencing severe stress like family problems, personal concerns and work related pressure, they tend to exaggerate this act and in the process get so dependent and eventually find themselves weighed down to quit. Smokers essentially knew the health dangers but since addiction is a habit that is hard to break, many failed to do well. 

Today, technology has taken the lead in giving our smokers a less precarious option to smoking - popularly known as vaping. This e-cigarette alternative has taken over the market by storm. Although there are debates involving whether vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking or not, the fact that it is popular is irrefutable. Many people have already made many shift to using vape over traditional cigarettes. 

Now, if you're not completely convinced of the idea to shift from smoking cigarettes to vaping, here are 5 reasons why you should consider shifting to vaping. 

1. Economical. According to industry standard, 2-3mL of e-liquid is equal to 1 e-cigarette cartridge or 1 pack of conventional tobacco products. Hence, an e-liquid bottle of 2-3ml will last longer than a pack of traditional cigarettes. 

2. Smoke-Free. These cigarettes are electronic, so they don’t give off any smoke at all, and they are not harmful to the person that is smoking them or anyone else. 

3. Can Be Used Anywhere. Since the cigarettes are smokeless, they can be used in public places. A person that uses these types of cigarettes can’t get into any trouble with fines because they aren’t using typical tobacco smoke that is damaging to anyone else. 

4. Safe. Vapes use a battery that includes a safety chip it also has auto turn off and a battery lock and unlock feature. Therefore, there's no worry about accidental fire caused by cigarette butts. 

5. More Flexible. Vaping will give you more of a variety of flavors to choose from. For example, the brand Vapin Plus has multiple e-liquid flavors to choose from menthol to chocolate to everything in between. These e-liquids have 1.6%, 2.4% and Zero per ml Nicotine options, so in effect the user can choose which flavor and just how much Nicotine s/he wants to take in. The Vapin Plus vaporizer pens also come in a wide variety of designs, your choice of device that fits your personality. 

There's no guarantee that using vapes can immediately help you stop smoking, but many people have testified to say that its help them quit smoking eventually, so it may work out well in the long run. Using the electronic cigarettes has helped thousands of people cut down their smoking habit by a good fraction or even eliminate it altogether. So, it may work for you too. Take time to consider. 

If you think it might be able to help you, consider checking out the Vape Pen brand Vapin Plus over at www.vapinplus.com.

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