Fashion can sometimes fall flat int he winter because you are always bundled up to stay warm, evening on the coldest days. But you do not have to ignore fashion just because you are trying to stay warm. Your outerwear fashion can be just as fun and stylish as your indoor fashion choices. It's all about putting together a few great pieces that keep you warm and maintain your sense of fashion. 

The Jacket 

For the coldest climates, many jacket choices can be big and bulky, hiding not only your shape, but all of the style you are wearing underneath. The key is to start with the shape. If you want to avoid a bulky shape, you can choose a jacket that has cinching at the waist or a belt that can be tied. Once you have the right shape, you can choose your favorite color to be the focal point of your winter look.

The Shoes 

This is another part of fashion that often needs to be more functional than fashionable. Just because you have to walk through a maze of snow and ice each day doesn't mean you have to wear big, clunky boots on your feet. There are many winter shoe options that can bring fashion back to the winter months. Women's and girls UGG boots are a great option for keep your feet warm inside and outside during the winter. you can also check out rain boots that have fun designs to keep your feet dry and your fashion sense intact. 

The Accessories 

Accessories are not just functional for keep your hand and head warm. They can also make a great fashion statement if you choose the right pieces. Hats can come in all different shapes and sizes, but for winter you will want to make sure that it will keep you warm at the same time. Gloves and scarves in coordinating colors are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit, especially if you are wearing a coat that is a neutral color. These are just some of the ways that you can keep style at the top of your list, even when the temperature drops. Fun shoes, coats and accessories can make all the difference.

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