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Hen's Night is the last hurrah in a woman's life as she anticipates her married life. Friends and family gather to bid fond farewell to her single days, have a good time, and toast both the beginning and end of a chapter in her life. A night like this happens about once in lifetime, so you want it to be a night that no one will ever forget. Hen's Night decorations and party supplies may seem like a small detail, but they'll have a huge impact. Here are five things that will really make your Hen's Night celebration stand out. 

1. Naughty Decor 

Let's face it. If it's Hen's Night, there are going to have to be some dirty jokes. Set the tone for innuendos and encourage your guests to get just a little lewd with risqué balloons, stickers, and hanging decorations in 'fun' shapes.

 2. Hen's Night Games 

If you're looking for the most entertaining Hen's Night party supplies in Melbourne, then you'll definitely want to stock up on some hilarious party games, where the real memories are made. You never know who might want to try the naughty ring toss, so include nice traditional games that everyone will enjoy. 

3. Attention-grabbing Light 

Nothing announces a party like a spinning light. It brings a smile to people's faces, and adds an extra flare of excitement to the room. 

4. Fun Flags and Balloons 

Speaking of extra flare, if you want everyone to know where the party's at on Hen's Night, then balloons and flags are the perfect way to advertise. If you decide to host your party in a pub, then everyone around will recognise just what kind of celebration you're having. Maybe you'll even score some free drinks. 

5. Streamers and Confetti 

Hen's Night is a party, after all, and what would a party be without traditional decorations like streamers, confetti, and party chains? They're a great way to add colour and brightness to the room. At the end of the day, a Hen's Night party is essentially a once in a lifetime celebration. Make yours stand out with party favours, decorations, and games to keep the fun running throughout the night. If you're wondering where you can find games, supplies, and hens night decorations in Melbourne, look no further than BuckingHen Palace. They have a large selection of the most entertaining Hen's Night party supplies in town. Browse their website at http://buckinghenpalace.com.au/.

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