In recent years, meditation has become more than just something practiced in monasteries or in Eastern cultures. Perhaps the popularity of yoga throughout the world has helped to shed light on the true benefit of mindfulness meditation in improving our quality of life, as well as helping us to become more complete and empathetic people. Doctors and psychologists now actively “prescribe” meditation to help with stress relief, anxiety, tension headaches and more. It’s clear that when one sits to meditate, so much more is happening than the attempt to settle the mind. Here are 3 powerful life lessons you can take way from meditation.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most people are guilty of getting upset by little things (traffic, misplacing your keys). It’s your mind’s natural tendency to magnify small things into larger problems. However, mindfulness meditation allows us to detach, and live in the present. This prevents us from worrying about the past and the future. Rather than worrying about meaningless things, we see the bigger picture. 
  2. We get to know ourselves better. When we pause to contemplate on life beyond schedules, to-do lists, cable TV and the Internet, something miraculous happens. We peel away the layers of our armor and begin to see who we truly are. Through meditation, we gain a clearer picture of our own life’s purpose, which in turn makes us more satisfied, happier, and pleasant to be around. 
  3. Improved concentration makes us more productive. Imagine all of the many thoughts, ideas, and activities that are swirling around in your mind right at this moment. It’s a wonder that any of us can get anything done! Think of your mind like a drawer. Every day you add more and more “stuff” to that drawer. Usually you can open up that drawer, sift through the stuff, and find what you’re looking for. But as that drawer attracts more clutter, finding what you need, when you need it, becomes more challenging. Meditation helps you to clear that drawer out, organize it, and make it easy for you to find exactly what you want and need, at any given moment. In other words, concentration improves our focus and productivity. It allows us to be present in the moment, whether that be in conversation with a loved one, writing a story, or whatever other task you’re performing. 

For centuries, meditation has helped complete the lives of countless people. It’s helped them become more connected with themselves and, in turn, with life around them. The positive effects of meditation are countless, which is why so many people are turning toward it as a source of overall health and wellness. Soul Transcendence offers guidance on meditation practices and spiritual awakening. Learn more by visiting them at http://msia.org.au/.

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