Are you tired of pills and promises? Are you looking for real ways to shed the pounds? Here are just three unusual tips for fitting yourself back into that homecoming gown. 

1. Go Sugar-Free 

 Many dieters try to eliminate junk food from their entire daily routine, but a better practice is to simply replace all the fatty, calorie-laden snacks with sugar-free ones. For example, sugar-free jello has only 5 calories a cup, so you'd have to eat more than 50 of them before they equaled a doughnut. 

2. Embrace Telemedicine 

If you're too embarrassed to actually frequent a weight loss clinic, try contacting a telemedicine professional. There are weight loss physicians out there who will work with you over the phone and save you the trouble of broadcasting to the world that you're trying to slim down. 

3. Find a New Hobby 

Many over-eaters do so because they're bored, tired or lonely. Finding a new hobby will erase all of these temptations, getting you out of the house and igniting a passion in you that will eventually spill over into your weight loss endeavors. Try contacting your local community college to see what classes and workshops they're hosting this month. These are just three ways to lose weight without sweating on a treadmill. A newer, better body can be yours, but you have to have the courage and determination to change your life. Remember, even one step at a time is better than none.

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