I don't do New Year's resolution, it's been years - blame it to old habits, die hard. So often, I just plan out the scheds of what I want and what I should do and if finances will allow, hit it like fireworks.

Two of what's on my planned list weren't realized last year. The other one's a long term mission and it's a work in progress, so I'll let it slide. The other one is a doable trip that for some reasons it went out of my window and I can't hold it back. So I'm planning it again and feeling determined to hit it big time this time around. Aja! 

Other than that, nothing big - just a strong will to make more art, write more this year! 

For now, I'm wishing you a fresh, a rich, a clear, a determined and a glorious turn of the year 2015! 

Have an awesome one!


  1. I also don't do New Year's resolution. We can change for the better or do something anytime if we opt to :)

    1. thanks for the visit @Gabriel ... Yes, they stress me I plan but I live for the day! Happy New Year!


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