And this is Miss Universe fever spilling off. Just sad that everybody rooting for MJ has gone 'hopia'. I can still hear my neighbours shouting at each other here, ‘Way Lami’, ‘Walang Kakain’, ‘Lutong Macao’, you know, the usual Pinoy turn of phrase you can hear when one’s at the losing end. I feel you people, LOL. 

Anyway, she did her best and she did great making it to top 15. Well, ganun talaga ang contest, minsan panalo, parating talo, so dawat-dawat lang! But congratulations still, you bested others and did your best! 

One of the most awaited part is the question and answer portion. We’ve been doing this every Miss U season thanks to my 'beki' friends who always think confidently Philippines will make it no matter what and when all else fail, our 5-tier stairs here has always been the witness of such crazy aggravations. lol. And after the winner was announced, I share same sentiments with the bitter others, I’m rooting for Miss Jamaica to bag it, but then Trump’s decision is irrevocable, so live the dream Miss Columbia! 

(Please understand that this is the author’s frustration, and I beg, beg your indulgence on this, hahaha!) Feeling confident here that had it been me, my answer would have been ... 

What is the greatest contribution of your country to the whole world? 
(This year’s question thrown out to Miss U from a Facebook user, Maria Navarro Fernandez) 

Good evening! Every corner of the world has Filipino, she can be a nanny, he can be a driver, he can be your doctor, she can be your nurse. Look at them in their eyes, they’re a beacon of a true spirit of hard work, they’re a beacon of a true spirit of responsibility, they’re a beacon of a true spirit of love for the family, they’re a beacon of a true spirit of humanity and they’re a beacon of light to the world, that despite going through their darkest hours, they’re able to rise above their misfortunes with heartfelt smiles in their face and a strong faith in the Heavens. 
Just imagine the world without Filipinos? So if you happen to meet one, befriend one, married one - cherish and treasure them. That is the Philippines’ contribution to the world and a gift to all of you who happen to meet one. Magandang gabi po at maraming salamat! 

Ote? Hahaha! Oh, well, there’s no chance for me in the beauty arena, but know I believe Barney when he says, imagination is the only limit and of course a blog that I know I have all my chances, how’s that? Think got 10 from Pacman, hahaha! But wait, where has Mommy Dionesia gone? Her rituals made wonders, you know? Sayang! 

Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now, what can I say? Better luck next year! And controversy aside, congratulations still MJ Lastimosa, you did well and represented the Philippines well! 

Mabuhay ka!

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