Thinking of new ways to add flair to one's wardrobe is a huge challenge, even for the most seasoned style mavens. It is tempting to want to shop for new clothes frequently, since replacing the foundations of one's personal style is the most obvious way to spice things up. However, it can be even more effective to use small accents to completely reinvent one's approach to getting dressed. 

A wardrobe full of basics in neutral and dark colors does not have to be boring. In fact, these versatile pieces define the way that many renowned style stars dress. The tasteful addition of one or two accessories shifts the focal point to them, even if they are small or not particularly eye-catching on their own. It is the manner in which they are deployed that is the mark of a keen eye for fashion. Items like sunglasses seem cliched only because they look great on everyone, making them good go-to pieces for people who want to make an impact with their clothing. Having a few different pairs in a variety of shapes and colors gives one the freedom to add new elements to an outfit without stepping too far out of her comfort zone. The sensibility conveyed by over-sized round sunglasses is vastly different than the statement made by aviator shades, so someone who likes how she looks in sunglasses should consider trying different styles. Doing something as effortless as wearing sunglasses all the time becomes a signature part of someone's style. 

Another way to add interest to one's look is with unexpected pops of color. A brightly hued hat worn with an all-black outfit shows that the wearer has a sense of fun but knows how to avoid going overboard. Colored shoes work this way as well. Singular pieces of jewelry achieve this effect as long as they are the appropriate size. If they are too small, they fail to make an impact, while overly large pieces look commonplace and push the look away from being stylish. Earrings make out of peacock feathers are perfect examples of this type of jewelry. 

The burst of deep color is sophisticated, especially if the wearer keeps her hair down, allowing the feathers to fall in and out of view. Layering thin, minimalist necklaces of different lengths makes the wearer look like the sort of person who is able to casually throw on anything and look good. This look works best when the necklaces are made of different-toned metals. 

Good style is not about reinventing the wheel every day. One does not have to be revolutionary in order to look sharp and interesting. Knowing how to add variety and a sense of newness to old ensembles is the sign of someone who truly understands fashion.

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