If you are looking at obtaining a more youthful look without going under the knife, then skin tightening may be for you. Through laser skin tightening, infrared light is used to make the collagen in the skin to tighten or contract. Additionally, damaged skin cells are being replaced with newer ones. As a result, you should see immediate changes, without having to go through a recovery period. 

What Is Laser Skin Tightening? 

There are many different systems used in skin tightening procedures. All of these do the same, however, which is heating up the bottom layers of the skin, where the collagen is. At the same time, it cools the outside of the skin, which helps any visible external injuries to vanish. It is very similar to the process used during laser hair removal, as both use intense throbbing beams of light to treat a specific area of the skin. This light goes through all the layers of the skin.

Who Is Laser Skin Tightening for? 

If you are looking for the best laser skin tightening Orange County has to offer, you first have to consider whether or not you are a good candidate. If you recognize yourself in any of the following, you may want to consider the treatment: 

  • Those with loose skin as a result of pregnancy, aging or drastic weight loss. 
  • Those who are afraid of going under the knife, or who are unwilling to do that. 
  • Those who have baggy skin and are unable to have full results through plastic surgery, choosing instead to enhance the results through photorejuvenation. 

How to Prepare for the Procedure 

Around a month before the procedure, you will have to start wearing sunblock and you will need to stay out of the sunlight as much as possible. Additionally, if you are going through tretinoin treatment, you should stop this at least one week before the procedure. Additionally, if you often suffer from oral herpes, you may be prescribed Valtrex, which you must apply daily for a week before and a week after the treatment. 

What Does the Treatment Involve? 

The treatment will take around one hour to complete, depending on the size of the area. Your eyes will be protected and a cooling gel will be applied to protect the skin. The procedure will feel warm, but not painfully so. The identified areas will then be targeted with infrared light, which will contract the collagen, making the skin tighten. At the same time, the surface of the skin will be kept cool. You can return to your daily activities as soon as the treatment has been completed. 


For a few hours, you may look slightly red and your skin will feel tight. However, you should see some positive results immediately after treatment. The full benefits will be visible between 90 and 180 days, at which point all the destroyed collagen will be replaced with new cells. You may need to return for more treatments if the skin was very saggy. However, the end results should last for around two years.

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