Mommy Tips: 3 Effective methods how to stop mosquito bites

3 Effective methods how to stop mosquito bites

Most people look forward to the warm weather that comes with the summertime. People can finally come out of their homes, after many months of being indoors due to the cold winter weather. Although the warm weather is great, their is also an uninvited guest that likes to make an appearance during the summer. Mosquitoes come out when the weather gets hot, ruining picnics, cookouts and any other type of outdoor activity you are doing. However, their bites can be much more than annoying. Mosquito bites can potentially be very serious. These insects have been known to carry West Nile virus, malaria and other very serious diseases. Therefore, if you are going to be outdoors where mosquitoes are present, you need to take the proper precautions. Here are some effective methods to stop mosquito bites. 

1. Mosquito control

If you have a graduation, wedding or some other special event planned that you really do not want to be ruined, it would be in your best interest to hire a mosquito control company such as Mosqutio Squad. Companies like this have many effective methods they can use to make sure these pesky critters do not spoil your special day. If you are concerned about the chemicals they will be using, there is no need for you to be. This is because many insect control companies nowadays use all-natural pesticides. These are safer to use and they do less damage to the environment. 

2. Remove the kiddie pool 

If your gathering is going to be in the back yard of your home, where you keep your kiddie pool, you should remove it from the premises. Better yet, you should dispose of it altogether. These pools can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, especially during the dog days of summer. Mosquitoes look for places with standing water to do their breeding, so kiddie pools are a magnet for these annoying insects. 

3. Go outside at the right time of day 

Another way you can limit the possibility of mosquitoes ruining your special event is to make sure that you have it at the right time of day. Mosquitoes are out in abundance at dawn and dusk. Therefore, make sure that when you have people over to your house, they show up during the middle of the day. This will make it less likely that a swarm of mosquitoes will descend on your gathering and start to wreak havoc.

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