Thoughts on a Good Friday


Sometimes life will just throw you an opportunity you can’t just turn away. And when you get the grip of it, it devours you like you’re the only one best fitted for the demolition. Soon, you get burned and want to run away from it. But just like any universal transpositions you simply stick as the opportunity gives you venue to feed your stomach and pay for the bills piling up the desk. This is what life is all about I think. What’s important is that we know how to find the best exhaust of all these stresses and more so find the best inspiration to move forward. 

Personally, I find getting drowned with music invigorating. Music is an element of renewal for me. Though, I’m not really that type who would get on the mic and drum my head away, I’m just a regular buddy who rummage old records and chill out at the rooftop with my favourite paper back. 

Life is just so seriously mysterious and if taken more than that, it’d be repulsion I can’t even star in my own picture, so I'm batting the grim out and embrace it with my life’s chosen melody. 

Yeah, thoughts on a Good Friday, some people are just so secular, deal with it.

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