Why Don’t People Eat Healthily?

Why Don’t People Eat Healthily?

If we take a look at USA, obesity can be seen as being an epidemic with close to 60% of people being diagnosed as obese or overweight. There are various problems that can appear because of this with cardiovascular disease being quite common. While there are many that started to realize how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle and the popularity of nutrition blogs like Health Annotation is growing, we still see many that do not eat healthily. 

In order to properly deal with a problem, we need to understand why it appears. With this in mind, here is why people tend to not eat healthily. If you find yourself in the following situations, do all that you can to make the necessary changes to be able to properly impact your day-to-day nutrition plan. 

An Improper Dietary Foundation 

Nutrition habits are developed during early childhood. If you were told to simply eat everything even if the portion size is large, there is a big possibility you will be used to eat too much. The guidelines that were offered by the caregivers are usually good but do tend to develop an inability to sit down and eat frequently, which is necessary for a truly healthy nutrition plan. That is especially true if a person grew when microwave and fast food was really popular since processed foods lack a true nutritional value. 


There are so many articles on the internet and even TV shows that do not offer accurate information about living a healthy lifestyle. The amount of misinformation is huge and the truth is that when you end up thinking that something is healthy when the exact opposite is the case, huge problems can appear. Do not believe everything that is written on a product. Try to learn as much as you can about healthy foods and see what is truly healthy and what is just labeled as being healthy. 

Motivation Problems 

It is hard to change and the process will always be different from one person to the other. Motivation is highly important in order to eat healthily and the truth is that most people are simply not motivated enough to make the necessary changes. Keep in mind that reducing how much junk food you consume is not enough. You really need to make a commitment and when you are not motivated to do this, it is hard to actually change. 

Eating healthily is a process that does take a long time until you are actually able to say that your diet is proper. Change does not happen overnight. Many end up starting with the right intentions and eventually lose track because of the fact that they simply do not expect the uphill climb that is ahead of them. 

The Bottom Line 

Most of the problems come from the lack of information and motivation. This is what people need to work hard at. Start by learning everything that you can about how to eat healthily and then do all that is necessary in order to stay on track.

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