Safety Habits For Sun Worshipers

Safety Habits For Sun Worshipers

Summer is just around the corner, and in some states, the sun trek has already begun. Considering the incidence of skin cancer, it's important to be aware of sun safety. 

Avoid Ultraviolet Rays 

Ultraviolet rays are the strongest in the spring and summer, and can cause wrinkles, skin spots, moles, and skin cancer. Ultraviolet exposure can happen even when the weather is not very hot. The time of greatest exposure is between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Ultraviolet intensity also varies per location. To find out the ultraviolet index for your area, you can go to the website provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. Stay in the shade during times of the greatest ultraviolet exposure for better protection. 

Wear Safety Clothing 

Different skin types handle the sun differently. Lighter toned skins are under the greatest risk for sunburn, but that doesn't mean that other skin types shouldn't be protected. Wear protective clothing, such as a sun hat, a long sleeve shirt and pants or sundress. Slip on a wrap after swimming, when water on the skin casts a glare that attracts sun rays. Certain prescription drugs can increase the sensitivity to UV rays. If your doctor has prescribed drugs that can make you sun-sensitive, be extra careful to limit your time outdoors. Check out the newest type of light clothing that is made with built-in ultraviolet protection. 

Apply Sunscreen Lotion To Your Skin 

Extra clothing should be combined with the use of sunscreen lotion for the best protection, since some UV rays can penetrate clothing. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors all over the skin, and reapply it every few hours. Choose a sunscreen lotion that has an SPF of 30.

Travel size sunscreen bulk products can be found and purchased online for the best deals. 

Don't Forget Your Eyes 

Sunglasses aren't just a beauty item. They are important protection for your eyes during the spring and summer months. Eyes can get sunburn from too much exposure to UV radiation, causing sensitivity to light, tearing, and a gritty feeling to the eyes. Over time, exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage the retina, causing the eye to be susceptible to macular degeneration and cataracts. Protect your eyes with sunglasses or contact lenses that are designed to block UV rays. Sunglasses that wrap around to the side of the face provide the greatest protection. 

Don't avoid going outdoors this summer. Enjoy your time in the sun while taking extra care to protect your skin.

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