5 Tips for Selecting the Best Scrub

Whether you are a medical professional that deals with humans or animals, you want to be comfortable while you are working your shift. The majority of hospitals, clinics and offices require their staff to wear scrubs. While scrubs are typically as comfortable as your favorite pajamas, not all brands are made equally. Here are some tips for selecting the best uniform for your needs. 

Pick a Material 

Scrubs made of cotton or cotton and polyester blends. What feels best against your skin is often a matter of trial and error. Online stores like ScrubsUnlimited.com offer a variety of scrubs in different fabric blends. Try them out and see what you prefer. 

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Scrub


Even  if  you  are  lucky  enough  to  receive  a  uniform allowance from your employer, price matters. Scrubs that are made of 100 percent cotton are often less expensive than scrubs made of fabric blends. Discount Cherokee scrubs are a favorite among medical professionals thanks to their low price and extensive color palette. 

Colors and Prints 

If you are free to choose your own scrubs, pick a color or pattern that makes you feel good. You can find animal prints, cartoon characters, florals, stripes, dots and more. Today's scrubs allow you to be fashionable. 

Cut and Length 

You can choose tops with V or scoop necks, and you can select pants with straight or flared legs. Most scrub manufacturers list the length of their tops in catalog descriptions. Measure from the top of your shoulders to your hips to determine the right length scrub top for you and choose accordingly. 


If you move and bend, you may want to try a pair of scrubs that has a bit of stretch. Some scrubs have sewn in panels that allow for ease of movement. Other brands add Lycra or spandex to fabric to give it flexibility. Selecting the right scrubs for your needs and sense of style is not difficult when you follow these tips. Try a few different brands to find what you like. You will not only by stylish at work, but you will be comfortable as well.

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