The Many Health and Beauty Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is a North African herb found in the Mediterranean mountains. It is commonly found in bath and beauty products and fragrances. The name lavender actually means “to wash.” It is also used for its medicinal properties. 

Lavender is being grown and harvested for its essential oils. This is extracted from certain lavender species by distillation of the plant’s flower spikes. Lavender oil is thought to contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are used to heal bug bites and minor burns. Research has also found its essential oil useful in treating insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Other uses include treating digestion issues, sprains, headaches, sores, and toothaches. 

Recent studies show how lavender oils are lethal to a wide range of skin-pathogenic strains of fungal infections. It works by destroying the cell’s membrane. Other studies have shown that lavender’s essential oils heal wounds quicker than TENS, providine-iodine, or saline.
The Many Health and Beauty Benefits of Lavender

Lavender holds a possible affect for treating alopecia areata which is hair loss in a few or all areas of the body. There is now evidence that it promotes hair growth by as much as 44 percent after seven months of treatment. 

The scent of lavender can alleviate the anxiety of dental patients. Being afraid of the dentist causes many people to avoid necessary procedures. Research proved that out of 340 adult dental patients, the half exposed to the scent of lavender had lower levels of anxiety. With so many proven positive effects from lavender’s essential oils, it is easy to see why the bath and beauty industry is using it in many of their products. 

Lavender provides its medicinal qualities in products designed for the skin while it’s scent is used in relaxing bath products. When looking for these products, one can go to specialty bath and body boutiques such as Island Lavender to buy now

The popularity of this North African herb is easy to understand when one considers all of its uses and benefits. Being used in bath products as its name suggests, this herb is proving useful both medically and aesthetically.

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