Tips to shift from Cool to Stylish

You look gorgeous and super cool, but this year you need to improve your look and look stylish. So, if you want to look stylish, here are some tips for you. 


If you love the traditional white, blue, red and black, let me tell you that you should add more colors to your wardrobe. With more eye-catching colors, your dress will look more attractive than with the traditional colors. Apart from this, it is a proven fact that more colors can even boost your mood. 

Take care 

Carrying for oneself is important. However, here we are talking about your items. You should take proper care of your items. For example, if you love your shoes, you should keep them in order, polish them and make sure that you clean then properly so that it looks fresh before you wear it the next time. Remember, you have spent enough on buying your favorite items. So, take good care of them.


An accessory check is important. Accessories are not a seasonal thing. You should wear accessories all the time. However, the quantity of your accessories can vary depending on your dress. For example, if you want to keep focus on your dress, reduce your accessories and vice versa. Want new accessories? Buy them at offers an exciting range of accessories. So, you can buy some for self and wear it. Discount offers on accessories are available at online stores. However, if existing discount offers are not good enough, look for coupons. Coupons for popular online stores like are available at Chameleon John. Before choosing coupons, make sure that they can be clubbing with store discount offers. 

Know more about Fashion 

There are no fashion classes, but you can still learn about it, and there are so many free resources for you. In fact, it is fun to know more about fashion because it gives you an idea of what can look good on you and what looks terrible on you. Fashion is important and it helps you know what’s trending and what’s not. 

Plan your outfits 

Well, it is definitely important to plan your outfit. Planning them not only on the basis of the occasion, but even to match them and make sure that it looks great on you. While planning your dress, you should make reference to your looks, dress colors, occasion and even the theme. Apart from this, an interesting thing to note is that there are some occasions where clicking pictures is the only thing people love. In such events, you need to be sure that your dress is perfect for the clicks. For example, if your dress is too shiny, your pictures might not look the best. So, choose a dress that is not too shiny. 

Concluding, these tips should help you look even better this year. Apart from these tips, if you would like to share a point or two, let us know about it in the comments.

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