Why Summer Birthday Parties Are the Best!

In many ways, the kids who have their birthdays during summer vacation get the best deal. They never end up having to go to school on their birthday, and great weather is almost guaranteed, meaning they have so many more options for an outdoor birthday party that the kids born in February simply don't have. This can make it a much easier thing for parents, too, especially if the idea of having all of your son or daughter's classmates running around inside your house high on candy is your idea of a nightmare! 

Why Summer Birthday Parties Are the Best!

The One Downside to a School Summer Vacation Birthday

The only downside to having a birthday during summer vacation when you are a kid is that some of your friends may not be able to come and celebrate with you due to being in another city or country for family vacation time. It is worth considering this when you begin to plan for your child's big day. If their very best friend can't come on their actual birthday because they are going away with their family, your child may prefer to move their party to slightly before (though usually not after!) their birthday so they can have their closest friend there with them. You may also consider that the amount of invites your child gives out is unlikely to match the number of people who actually can come, and remind your child this is just due to summer vacations rather than a lack of popularity!

Partying at Home

Often the option that requires most planning and preparation, holding the birthday party at your home does offer quite a lot of benefits as well. For one thing, you have no real time constraints like you do if you hold the party at a leisure facility or restaurant. If people are having fun, they can stay for as long as they like. It is also easier to cater to adult family members or friends who may come along to celebrate with your child than it is at a place aimed at children. Use the outdoors as much as possible, and if you can, add some fun with water into the mix to help keep kids cool. Whether you have a pool or go for something like water slides for rent, or you simply arm kids with water guns and turn a hose on, little is more fun than playing with cold water on a hot summer day!

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Going Elsewhere

Remember that a summer birthday is something to take advantage of, so if you don't plan a party at home, choose somewhere where kids can play outdoors. A cheap and easy option is the beach, or you can look for things like outdoor adventure parks in your area that offer party packages for groups of kids. Nobody wants to be stuck in Chuck E Cheese's on a beautiful summer day after all!
A summer outdoor birthday party can be full of fun for everybody involved, kids and adults alike – just make sure to remember sunscreen!

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