Don't let another holiday or anniversary pass by without getting your girlfriend the gift she deserves. Here are just five ideas that are sure to make her smile!

1. Jewelry . They're classic gifts for a reason. Even if you aren't positive whether she prefers white gold or yellow gold, she's sure to appreciate the thought and romanticism involved in the purchase of jewelry. Just make sure you don't buy her a ring unless you're pairing it with a certain question!

Chocolates are a great gesture, Woman Elan Vital

2. Sweets. Chocolates are a great gesture, but if she's watching her figure or just uninterested in the taste of cocoa, it can wind up an ultimately meaningless gift. A better option is to give her a basket full of assorted goodies or a gift certificate to a local bakery. This will allow her to pick and choose what she likes most.

3. Bikini. If she loves summer fun, consider getting her an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Something special like, you can even have her initials stitched into the top to make the present one-of-a-kind! Monogrammed bathing suits are sure to be unlike any gift she's received before, so you'll make a lasting impression on her in addition to already impressing her with your care and consideration.

4. Duvet. A fluffy duvet will wrap her in its embrace all night long. It will also remind her of you every time she drifts off to sleep! If you're looking for a gift that's equal parts practical and romantic, look no further than a duvet. You can find them in multiple sizes, styles and colors, so there's one out there for every woman.

5. Candles. No one is able to resist a scented candle. Just make sure you're buying her a scent that she already enjoys, something that you've smelled in her perfume before or heard her mention in the kitchen. For example, if she adores cinnamon toast, it's a good guess that she isn't repulsed by the smell of cinnamon. A cinnamon candle could be the perfect gift!

These are just five potential gifts for her. Enjoy! Don't forget the gift wrap!

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