BRIGGS & RILEY -The Luggage Brand That Means Business

Business travel, particularly when done regularly, is a lot less glamorous than commercials for business class flights and hotels would have you believe! In actual fact, it can be an exhausting and somewhat tedious way to spend the time between doing actual work. While it does have its upsides, for example the opportunity to see new places (if you have time to explore during your stay), and at the very least, plenty of restaurant meals, most regular business travellers soon become weary of jet setting and crave anything that can make their trips easier and more convenient. 

Good luggage is one of the best assets a business traveller can have. If you are looking for a brand that takes your business travel needs seriously, as well as offering classic style that will fit in wherever in the world your work takes you, then Briggs and Riley are the ideal choice for all your luggage needs.
BRIGGS & RILEY -The Luggage Brand That Means Business

Carry On Luggage That Makes Air Travel Simpler

When you are packing for a short trip where you are going by plane, you may well want to try and get away with taking everything you need in your carry on luggage to avoid the delay of checking and retrieving your suitcase (and the risk of your luggage getting lost). Briggs & Riley have a great range of carry on bags designed to make the most of the limited space allowed to each passenger for their cabin luggage. This range is also lockable, with Torq combination locks to keep your things secure. You can also equip yourself with a security checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve as part of your carry on luggage from Briggs & Riley, which means your laptop can be x-rayed at checkpoints without you having to take it out.

Just a Reminder!

Do bear in mind, of course, that while Briggs & Riley have made every effort to make their luggage meet the carry on criteria of the airlines, and the laptop sleeves acceptable for fast checkpoint clearance, every airline and security checkpoint is different, so while these products will in most cases offer you a more convenient flight, they do not actually guarantee faster passage through checkpoints or that your carry on luggage will not have to be checked.

Extended Coordinated Ranges

Even if you don't fly very often for business, but do travel, or you just need good luggage to use to take your laptop, tablet and other equipment with you on your commute, Briggs & Riley have a range you will love with their sharp, coordinated designs. With designs for men, women and unisex designs, and a range of materials including high quality leather, you can pick a truly stylish, classic looking luggage line and get all the matching pieces you need for your own lifestyle with Briggs & Riley.

When it comes to packing for all kinds of business trips, Briggs & Riley really understand the needs of a professional, and also offer the best in tasteful design and quality.

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