Summer is here, and that means plenty of opportunities to spend warm, light evenings in the company of friends, enjoying the summer social life. Of course, the best way to really make your summer go with a bang is to organize your own special party, or, if you are lucky enough to have the kind of job where you get to plan social events, maybe even create a cool summer networking opportunity on your bosses' money! Whether you are doing it for yourself or for your company, and whether it is a special occasion or just an excuse to make the most of the summer, you want your party to be special, memorable and classy!

Mobile Bar and Rows of Strawberry Bellini by Liquid Chefs

Summery Drinks

One of the most important elements at 'grown up' parties is usually the drinks, with guests wanting refreshment as well as perhaps a little help letting their hair down! Drinks are also important in summer because you want to keep everybody cool and hydrated – so you do need a good selection of non alcoholic drinks too. Whether alcoholic or not, cocktails are wonderful to serve up at a summer party because you can offer beautiful looking drinks with plenty of cooling ice and exotic, summery flavours. Of course, cocktails have a long history and there are thousands of recipes available now, so if you are going to be preparing them yourself it is best to choose just a few combinations that will appeal to different tastes, and learn to make them really well.

Why You Can't Beat the Classics

People tend to have very different tastes when it comes to cocktails, with some people enjoying creamy drinks, others liking strong, sharp ones, and others still liking them sweet and fruity – and that's before we even get into which kinds of alcohol people like best. While new cocktail trends are always emerging, some see modern cocktails as a little tacky, and may think your party is a little less than chic if you are only serving 'Sex on the Beach' or a 'Flaming Lamborghini'. To keep your soiree classy then, it is always safest to go with the classics, and avoid anything with a 'hilarious innuendo' for a name. Consider things like mojitos, martinis, bellinis, Long Island iced teas (for those who like their drinks strong!) and margaritas – these are all good because most people have tried them before and will appreciate their preferred one, made well.

Should You Mix Your Own?

While some cocktails can be prepared in large batches in advance, this is not the case for most of them, so you will either need to mix them yourself to order, or have somebody to man the bar for you. If you are looking to enjoy the party rather than worrying about this, you can enlist the help of friends and take it in turns, or you can actually even hire a mobile portable bar service for the night, complete with expert bartenders and all the right glasses and barware!

Choosing the right cocktails for your party can really help set the tone, so take inspiration from timeless classics so you can't go wrong!

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