The  beauty  of  any  garden  or  outer  lobby  is  definitely  enhanced  by plants, flowers and greenery. Equally important is a gazebo for any garden whether it is located inside a home, office or any other building or at a public place. For those, who don’t know much about a gazebo, it is a pavilion structure that is built in a  park,  garden  or  even at  any other public place. It is chiefly meant to make people sit or relax comfortably or to offer protection against scorching sunlight, heavy rains or such other harsh weather conditions. There are different types of gazebos to serve varying needs. The most reliable type is the heavy duty gazebos. Let us now see how to plan for a garden gazebo in your home.

Place for the gazebo 

It is the foremost point to consider while planning a garden gazebo. You need to decide at what spot of your garden you actually wish to install or construct the gazebo. The place must be big enough to incorporate a gazebo into it for its hassle-free installation or construction. At the same time, it should be such that sunlight, air and rainwater is allowed to reach the plants.


Size of the gazebo

After finalizing the exact spot for the gazebo, you must decide about the size of the gazebo. Obviously, it should be somewhat smaller than the space chosen for its installation or construction. It is because some space should be left free all around the gazebo for cleaning, walking, water draining or lighting purposes.


It is again an important point worth considering when planning a garden gazebo. Gazebos are available in varying shapes such as circular, rectangular, triangular, and octagonal and so on. You may select a shape according to the overall outer looks of your property.


Like other structures of any property, gazebos are also available in varying styles. It is all a matter of personal choice and the looks of your property. You may opt out of classical, modern or Victorian styled gazebos that may suit best as per backgrounds of your house or building.



Gazebos are made from different materials. Out of these, Cedar wood is the most preferred type as it is quite strong and durable. At the same time, it is also good from viewpoint of aesthetic value of your sweet home and particularly the garden area. Similarly, Vinyl PVC is also liked by the users. It is due to easy cleaning and maintenance of this material. It is also sturdy and long lasting similar to wood.

Costs involved in the installation of gazebos

Obviously, installation of a gazebo in your garden requires expenditure of huge amount of money. The only difference is that the amount of money spent may vary as per materials, style, shape and size of the gazebo to be installed or constructed. Therefore, you must keep an eye over your budget too while planning a gazebo for your garden.

This way you can successfully plan and install or built a gazebo in your garden and enjoy spending time inside it in the company of your family members or friends. 

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