Make Any Outfit Pop with Some Colorful Accents

Celebrities like Christina Applegate, Kate Beckinsale and Jenny McCarthy understand the importance of wearing looks that rock on the red carpet. These famous faces know that something as simple as a necklace in a bright color can take a little black dress to the next level. Even if you're more of a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal than a little black dress gal, you can still make your outfits pop with colorful accents and accessories.

Pearl Necklace by Dabby Reid

One of the best pieces that you can wear with anything is a colorful necklace. Necklaces come in so many different colors and styles that you're sure to find one that fits with your personality. A statement necklace features a design that draws the eye to you and lets you make a statement, even if you pair it with a tank top and flip-flops. If you wear something with a lower cut, try wearing a pendant that draws attention to your cleavage. Wearing a necklace in a complementary color to your clothing makes your outfit really pop.


Bracelets are another easy way to make a statement with little effort. Instead of sticking with a single simple bracelet on one wrist, reach for a chunky bracelet in a bold color. You can also wear multiple beaded bracelets in similar colors on your wrists. Those bracelets will instantly catch the eye and help dress up an otherwise bland or ordinary outfit. 


One of the hottest fashion trends in the world today is the use of long earrings that dangle nearly to the shoulder. Long drop earrings or long linear earrings will transform any outfit in to a work of art. Though some designs feature silver or gold accents and black, white or neutral colored beads, you'll also find earrings in bright shades of orange, turquoise or pink.

The right accessories can transform your normal work wear, the clothing you wear when running errands and even your first date outfit. Click here to find a wide range of colorful jewelry and accessories like those your favorite celebrities wear.

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