Time stops for no one, which means no matter what you do you are destined to age. However, how well we age is something that we do have some control over. Here are some of the most basic tips on how to ensure that physically you are the best you can be at any age. 

Drink Water

Dry, wrinkled skin is universally recognized as one of the major symptoms of aging. One of the best ways to minimize skin aging is to drink plenty of water, at least four or five glasses per day. Staying properly hydrated also helps with overall body functioning, helping to ward off disease and dysfunction of the internal organs. Avoid too much alcohol or beverages with caffeine, as these tend to increase your rate of dehydration. 

Exercise is Essential

Most everyone is aware that regular exercise is necessary for good health. However, it also slows and even reverses the effects of aging. That is because exercising helps the body to rid itself of internal toxins that can dull your skin and increase the chance of disease. Exercise also improves your muscle tone and controls weight gain so that you maintain a more youthful appearance.


Youth is associated with vigor and energy, characteristics that are hard to maintain if you are tired. That makes chronic sleep loss a major cause of premature aging, resulting in baggy eyes, mental lethargy and slowing movement. Getting a good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do to maintain an energetic, youthful appearance. 

Food Supplements

There are a number of things you can eat which are known to have a positive effect on slowing down the aging process. Among them are fish oil, which can improve memory, glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant and alph lipoic acid, which helps purify the liver. Learn more today about foods with anti-aging qualities by visiting a health food store in person or online. 

While Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth may never be discovered, try these simple tips to keep aging at bay. 

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