Not everyone is searching for that special someone with which to spend the rest of their lives. More and more singles and married individuals are looking for a casual encounter with a person who understands it's just a fling. Affairs and casual sexual meetups are incredibly exciting and passionate. They can fill the missing parts of your existing relationship. 

At the Bar

The bar can be a terrible place to meet someone for a one night stand. You don't know anything about the other person at all aside from the fact that they might have some dance moves, or that they can't hold their alcohol. While casual flings are often about sex, the traits that make a person desirable like a sense of humor and intelligence can be lacking from a casual meetup in a bar.


Online Affairs

Outside of the Internet, it can be tough to have a conversation with a potential date, and explain your preferences without implying that you have loose morals and questionable taste. If the person isn't on the same page, the conversation can be incredibly uncomfortable when you have nothing of which to be ashamed. An online affair that is taken offline can be liberating. You get to choose a partner that has the same interests. There won't be any uncomfortable conversations about your intentions or confusion about where the relationship is going. 

No Strings Attached

At a dating site, there are real, honest conversations about what the two of you want in an encounter. Nobody is being fooled or lead on since there are no strings attached. You're two people looking for a fun, casual encounter full of excitement and passion, but without the hard, every day drudgery of a relationship. There doesn't have to be any awkward conversations or fights about where the relationship is headed since you both know that it's headed straight to the bedroom. 

Cheating is Welcome at Casual Encounter Sites

At a site like Just One Night Stands, you'll find people who are in a committed long-term relationship, but they're looking for a bit of casual fun outside of their marriage. You might be looking for a casual fling outside of your relationship too. A discreet affair doesn't have to be the end of the marriage. In many cases, you might be completely content with the state of the marriage except in the bedroom. A casual affair can bring much needed spice and excitement into your life. 

Benefits of a Site Catering to Casual Encounters

When you join a site that caters to discreet and casual encounters, you have the option of revealing as much or as little about yourself as you'd like. Your profile and conversations are private. According to a survey published by the National Science Foundation, one in 10 married people, both male and female, have sex outside the marriage at some point. In the past, it's been mostly men straying for a good time, but women are finding themselves unsatisfied and seeking intimate episodes with others too. Joining a site catering to casual affairs with local adult contacts is the best way to find a person you connect with who understands what you want.

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