Just because you're on a low carb diet doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice drinking a few alcoholic beverages once in a while. There are some low carb alcoholic cocktails that have the same flavor as the original drinks that you would find but without the high amounts of sugar. A benefit of a low carb drink is that it can sometimes bring out the alcohol flavor instead of tasting prominent notes of the artificial flavors. 


When you make alcoholic beverages that have a low carb content, you need to think about where the sugar is coming from in the drink. Some of the distilled beverages you can use are vodka, gin and rum. Although rum does have a sweet taste, it's low in sugar. If you add a small amount of a carbonated drink to the beverage, then you can cut down on the sugar content and the number of calories that are in the drink. Sparkling water and club soda are two of the best options as they give somewhat of a personality to the beverage. 

Some of the alcoholic drinks that you might already enjoy usually don't have as much sugar as you think that they do, such as a gin and tonic or a Jack and Coke. Make sure you use the diet Coke when making the latter beverage. Scotch and soda are good as well. Almost any clear soda won't have the sugar content that you would get with a darker soda, but you can still use the dark drinks as long as they are diet. 

Citrus juices can also be used when making alcoholic beverages. Lemon and lime are the most common since they don't have as much sugar in them as orange or other fruit juices. You need to look at the number of calories as well as the sugar content of the addition you want to use to determine if the drink will be one that is low in carbs or not. Flavored spirits are an option as well so that you get the flavor you want and the alcohol at the same time.

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