Sometimes people turn to drugs to fill a need. People use stimulants to pick themselves up. They use downers to relax. Sometimes people use a variety of drugs to fit in with their peers. Eventually repeated use of drugs changes the body's chemical balance impacting things like moods, perceptions and physical capabilities. 

Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery

In addition to the normal changes the body experiences when on drugs, the body is also exposed to some risk via the method the drug components are transferred to the body. Intravenous drugs use needles to bypass the skin barrier and deliver directly to the blood stream. In most cases, a user's access to needles is not under ideal circumstances and often involves non-sterile needles, possibly used or contaminated needles, which introduces other factors such as bacteria and germs into the bloodstream. 

Other methods of drug use include inhalation of vapors, snorting lines of dust, eating the drugs or placing the drugs on the skin. Each method brings its own factors of risk for contamination of the body normally protected by bodily processes by bypassing those protections. People who snort might see a deterioration of the nasal passage as well as a change in the mucus component meant to keep the sinus cavity protected. People who inhale drugs put the lungs at risk and any part of the body exposed to chemical vapors during the inhalation. Repeated exposure to chemical changes how a body responds and impact the body's ability to function.

In every case of drug use the body is at risk because there are no 100% guarantees that all factors are the same as before. The body changes. The person changes. The drug changes. No batch of drug is always the same.

Consider Conflicts of Interest

Drug dealers are part of a business in which the goal is to profit, just like any other business. Many people forget that because most of the mind when focused on drugs is focused on emotions. Drug use is often driven by a desire to feel better, to seek a specific feeling or state of existence. During the chase of the desired mental or physical state, drug users are not always rationale and don't make the best of decisions which is why drug users tend to lose focus on the fact that drug dealers in an effort to make a profit, just like any other business facing rising overhead costs, will cut or change the product in order to lower costs of operations and increase profit margins.

Drug dealers do not have the same interests as a drug user. There is a conflict of interest between the user and the seller with regards to the user's overall health. And this does not even begin to address the health issues of a body that finds itself attacked suddenly by non-drug related diseases or issues like cancer, organ failure and various diseases. People who are on medications for a health issue can't know how the illegal drug will interact with and change the outcome of a prescribed drug's impacts. Doctors prescribe drugs based on knowledge of what a patient is already using and disclosing to minimize negative drawbacks on the patient but rare is the patient who discloses illegal drug use to a doctor or anyone the patient feels can't be trusted. 

Detox for Your Own Reasons

Most arguments for detoxing tend to focus on job related and legal reasons which are very serious and great points. Or people argue about gateway drugs with one light drug leading to heavier use. But the greatest reason to detox is because the user wants it and their body needs it. Don't let the body struggle harder beneath the load it already bears by adding further issues especially if the user is already facing an illness or disease with known medical pathways to eradication of those issues. Trust the proven science and help your body back to good health.

Going to is a good start for individuals in the Washington state area who want to find a detox center to assist them. Detox Local listings are here to help people who want to detox themselves for any reason. People found at these listings want to help, not judge, and can be trusted to understand the issues and barriers to detoxing. Let them help you detox and feel better.

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