Are you looking to surprise your partner with a gift? It could be for a special occasion, or simply just because it’s Thursday. To mark this time you’ve spent together, you want to make sure it’s perfect. Here are a few ideas to get the surprise you’re looking for.

Matching cocktail glasses

Add a personal touch by getting coordinating wine, or champagne glasses with your names and anniversary on them. The sentimental value of a gift that is personalised and snapshots the time you’ve spent together will surely surprise your significant other. Companies like Personalised Favours offer a range of glassware that you can personalize for that special day.

A night out

A night out

Everyone loves an excuse to put on a dressy outfit and get off the couch. Surprise your partner with a night out to their favourite venue. Maybe they enjoy a particular band; find out when and where they are playing and take a trip into town. A night out can break up the hum-drum of the weekend and allow you some extra time to bond with your significant other in a new setting. Sometimes when it’s just the two of you without friends, intimacy can be built even among the crazy crowd.

A show of craftsmanship

Are you a craftsman? Whether or not you said yes, a surprise gift from the heart can make the best present. Your partner will love that you put in significant time to make something special. A home-made gift requires a dedication that cannot come as easily for something bought at a store. A home-made gift can even represent a silly joke the two of you share, or something sentimental that signifies a special moment in your lives.

A surprise trip

What better way to surprise your partner than with a trip to somewhere they have never been before? You have done all the planning, all the scouting, all of the last minute errands; all they need to do is relax and maybe play DJ. A special trip somewhere can offer both adventure and intimacy on a level that the two of you might not get in your everyday lives. Sometimes it’s fun to just get away and experience something new together.


Keepsakes are always a special way to surprise your partner. Find something of sentimental value that will be cherished for a long time because of what it means and who it came from. Keepsakes often signify a special time in someone’s life so that they can remember it and then pass it along to later generations. If you want to get a keepsake to surprise your partner, make it personal and important. Keepsakes do not have to break your bank, but they do have to weigh heavy on both you and your partner’s heart.

Any gift given to your partner will definitely be a surprise. Your main goal must be to consider what they like and what they will appreciate for whatever occasion. Because it’s coming from you, they are sure to be won over.

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