Who can argue that a choice of wedding dress is one of the most pleasant, exciting and remarkable moments in the process of the wedding preparations? Despite all expectations, this intriguing process does not always go well and joyfully, as many brides may initially suppose. Be careful! These common mistakes can cost you time, money, and happiness.

1. A dress does not coincide with the measure of the event. 

Very often brides cannot help purchasing a huge fluffy wedding dress. Wherein, many of them do not even realize that such finery will look absurdly at the modest wedding. If the feast is going to be small, the dress should be also plain. Try to choose one among cute modest wedding dresses

Season, place of the ceremony and banquet, event program – here are the outer factors that have a huge impact on choice of the wedding dress.  You definitely don’t want to feel uncomfortable and inappropriate at your own feast, do you? Think of the practical aspects and make sure your dress complies with all of them.

Affordable and Elegant Wedding Dress

2. The attire is too tight on the body.  

Any girl surely wants to look irresistible on the happiest day of her life. That’s why many girls choose too skinny dresses. But during the wedding preparations the body weight can either increase or decrease. In both cases, a dress with a fixed clasp cannot look properly at the most important moment. Thus, when choosing one among affordable wedding dresses, stick to the models with lacing. 

3. Too many elements. 

Frequently, the brides decorate their dresses with flowers, lace and rhinestones. Moreover, they put on numerous jewelries on the wedding day. As a result, the bride looks more like a New Year tree, standing next to the groom. The grander is your dress, the plainer should be your wedding accessories. 

4. The dress is purchased at the very last moment. 

It’s a great mistake to buy a wedding dress in the last few days. It is more or less acceptable for the pregnant women but in such case you should agree on the dress model beforehand. The other girls should take care of choosing a wedding attire at least a month before the wedding. 

5. Think of your wedding budget beforehand. 

When planning a budget spent on the wedding dress, the brides usually forget to consider the accompanying expenses as well. As a result, the final invoice leaves them puzzled. What other additional expenses does the wedding outfit presuppose? The budget should include at least arrangement of the dress in atelier, so it could fit your body perfectly, a veil, shoes, jewelries, underwear and many other accessories and frequently, a second wedding dress, for a “change”. 

Take responsibility in choosing one of the most significant dresses in your entire life, pay attention to all details, and you will become the most charming and magnificent bride.   

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