Texas is a great part of the world. The skies are broad, the weather is sunny, and the people are some of the best you can meet anywhere. If you are planning to spend your wedding day in Texas, whether because you live there or because you feel like it's the perfect location for a destination wedding, then there are lots of ways you can lend an authentic Texan feel to your celebration. 

Wedding at Chateau Polonez, Texas, USA

Choose the Right Food

A  proper  Texan  celebration  doesn't  hinge  on  a  menu full of fancy little bits and pieces, it is based around everyone having their fill of good honest food. When it comes to choosing the menu for your own Texas wedding you should consider traditional Tex Mex things, and create an exciting barbecue style spread based on everybody's favorite Texan foods, like ribs, wings, and corn on the cob. Your friends will thank you for not being too prissy when it comes to what there is to eat – after a wedding ceremony, most people are starving and some posh nouveau cuisine is not going to be what they're craving! Find a great venue like this exquisite Chateau in Houston and pick out a menu that will satisfy even the hungriest Texan, or host the wedding at home and set up a really big grill!

Make A Groom's Cake

One of the cutest Southern wedding traditions is where the bride presents the groom with a special cake that is decorated to represent his hobbies and personal style. Whether you can bake or you buy the cake from a professional cake maker, you can get on board with this great tradition that helps make the groom feel special on a day when all eyes are on you! The groom's cake can be a touching and often hilarious take on all the things you know and love about him, and of course, it is also fun to eat! Think about his favorite sports, movies, and other interests, and come up with a cool design that will make him laugh and also show him how much you love everything about him!

Bury the Bourbon
Bury the Bourbon

Bury the Bourbon

There is an old tradition in the South and Texas that if you bury a bottle of bourbon in the ground before your wedding, you won't get rain on your wedding day. This is traditionally done by the father of the bride, but these days there is no reason not to get all of your wedding party in on the fun of ceremonially burying a bottle of liquor. There is nothing to say you can't dig it up and drink it after the wedding, either!

Whether you are going for a fancy Houston wedding venue, or a country wedding at a ranch, a Texan wedding is fun and vibrant and can make everyone wish they lived in the lone star state the whole time! With delicious food and fun wedding traditions, Texas is an ideal place to tie the knot!

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