As you age, it often becomes increasingly difficult to maintain your daily routine and normal lifestyle that you have grown accustom to over the years. Regular household tasks like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and even bathing can become a burden. For seniors who are having difficulty managing their daily routine, a board and care Sacramento facility offers many advantages to make life easier and more comfortable.


A Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

For senior homeowners, necessary regular maintenance and upkeep like cleaning, laundry, household repairs and yard work can become a chore. As you age, it usually becomes increasingly difficult to handle home maintenance needs yourself, and limited finances may prevent you from hiring the outside help you need. By moving to a senior care facility, you won't have to worry about home maintenance and upkeep, repairs and daily chores, and you can spend your time on things you enjoy. 

Companionship and Socialization 

Seniors who live alone often become isolated and lonely because they don't get out much or have limited family and friends close by. Isolation and lack of companionship can contribute to depression, anxiety, poor eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle. Senior living communities provide many opportunities for companionship and social interaction through shared mealtimes, daily activities and planned social events where you can enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. 

Nutritional Meals

One of the biggest problems seniors face as they age is poor nutrition that often leads to serious health problems. When grocery shopping and cooking becomes a challenge, the result is often skipped meals or meals with insufficient nutrients to sustain a healthy lifestyle. For older adults who live alone or have existing health problems, chronic pain or mobility issues, the situation is even worse. A senior care facility provides regular, daily meals that focus on adequate nutrition and vitamins with special attention to individual dietary needs to improve overall health. 

A Safe Environment

Aging often includes physical changes in energy levels, strength and agility, as well as mental changes in focus, alertness and clarity. These changes can create feelings of anxiety, depression and confusion and present safety concerns, especially for a loved one who lives alone. Most senior care facilities are equipped with fire safety systems, emergency response systems, staffed nurses and on-call doctors to ensure the safety of all residents. These services are especially important for residents with Alzheimer's, Dementia and Parkinson's who require special needs and care.

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