If you are expecting your first child or planning to start a family soon, there are some things to expect once your darling child has made its way into the universe. We all know what happens during childbirth (at least vaguely, anyway), but do you know what to expect once your child is in your arms? Here are six things to keep in mind:

Intimacy Might Not Be the Same

After you have delivered a child, getting intimate with your significant other will change. For some women, childbirth gives them another level of intimacy and jumping in to bed again is a new and exciting journey. For others, intercourse after childbirth can be painful, uncomfortable and unsatisfying because the body has experienced dramatic change. There are a number of options for vaginal surgery if it is something that is affecting your relationship and sex life, so look to specialists such as Cosmetic Surgery For Women if you want more information.

Drink a lot of Water

You Will Drink a lot of Water

In the days and weeks after childbirth you will find yourself drinking a lot of water, especially when breastfeeding. It’s important to stay hydrated for you and your new baby, so always carry a bottle of water with you when you are out and about, or have a glass beside the couch at home.

Your Relationshipswith Friends Might Change

Having a baby can change your relationship with your friends and family. For some, it draws them closer together, but for others, it makes them drift apart, especially among friends who don’t have children. Accept the fact that your relationships will change and you’ll find it doesn’t worry you as much as you originally thought. The people who love you and support you will always be in your life, but the connection might be a little different.

Your Priorities Will Change

As relationships change so to do your priorities. After childbirth, your baby becomes your number one priority and each day revolves around their eating, drinking, sleeping and play time. Don’t forget though, that although your baby has become your top priority, it is important to remember your own health and your relationship with your partner too.

You’ll Be Tired. A Lot

You’ll Be Tired. A Lot

If you thought you were tired before you welcomed your child into the world, you’ll discover a whole new meaning to the concept of being tired after childbirth. You’ll be waking to feed your baby all through the night and sitting up with them when they’re restless and fighting sleep. Where possible, have some time out while someone else is looking after the baby and get at least a couple of hours of rest each day to help you feel refreshed and energised.

Your Body Will Be Different

Finally, your body changes with childbirth, and it’s different for all women. Some of the side-effects you experience during pregnancy can cause more permanent or longer-term changes likescarring, stretch marks, weight gain, mood swings, insomnia and tenderness.

Although many things are different after childbirth and you have to adjust to your new life with a newborn and family, remember that childbirth is a precious gift and your baby is certainly worth it.

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