Gone are the days when traveling is synonymous to inconvenience. Today, getting inconvenient while traveling is already more of an option, most backpack travelers love the hassle, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, challenge themselves make fire out of nothing, peg tents along with boars and bears in the wild and some other adventures somewhat related to this but for some why get into such primal trouble when you can avail of the most luxurious convenience traveling in modern days can offer.

Hotel with the best view
Hotel with best balcony view

Anywhere you go you can find hotels of different concepts and caliber. Gone also are the days when you have barely options for accommodation, you can’t even nag or measure up to about their services as there is nothing to compare about. Today, while location and architecture are a consideration, competition runs around how satisfied and convenienced your guests have been staying in that hotel.

With the advent of internet, online hotel reviews has been the basis of a certain hotel’s increased patronage, when you’re a customer and can’t say how bad the food and how horrible the service was right in the face of your attendant, you hotel operators should watch out, the next thing you know you’ll find them complaining and posting gruesome photos on social media networks, hotel forums and specialty sites that collates hotel accommodations around the world. While word of mouth matter, most hotels now run customer service survey to get the pulse of their patrons. They deem the results of these surveys very important as their gauge to improve their services and find some other ways to level-up their edge over the other.

Most  hotels  assign  a team to do this job, they are those guys who sometimes calls you in the  middle  of your  lunch  and  ask  what  do you think about this and that, there are also hotel marketing experts who will ask you discreetly about your experience  in  their  hotel  upon  checkout an  unobtrusive  strategy to get your  judgment.  And if  you’re   a  hotel  operator  and worried that   using systematic survey software can cost you a lot, well, think again, there are actually free online survey software you can use for free available over the internet.

With the boom of tourism industry today, it is really essential to employ measures how you can be ahead of the other and the surest way to do this is to ask people staying or have stayed in your hotel, have sipped coffee at your  espresso bar, have used your amenities etc., whether they’re satisfied, OK or not at all - plain and clear reasons why hotel accommodation surveys matter.

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