One of the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically change your entire look is by dyeing your hair a different color. For example, you could go from being a brunette to being a blonde and shock everyone around you, and possibly even yourself too, with how different you look. So if you're ready for a much-needed change and you're feeling a bit adventurous, why not head out and purchase a new trendy hair color, or have your favorite salon stylist take care of applying it for you? 

Do you want to choose a color that you and everyone around you is sure to love this season? Do you want to look your best while also being super stylish? What hair color trends are hot this fall?



As you may have already guessed by the name, bronde is a soft combination of blonde and brown. It's a great low-maintenance shade that's popular in the summer as well as in the fall. Sport this look if you're hoping to lighten your brown locks or darken your blonde tresses, as it's the perfect in-between shade that's unique enough to make everyone turn their heads when you walk by on the street.

Rich Chocolate

Another great hue for the fall is a rich chocolate color that will bring new life to your brunette locks. Deep mahogany is often the color of choice when the weather gets cooler because it's edgy, sexy, and mysterious.


Rusted Copper

Rusted copper is yet another popular shade for fall, and being that it is on the red end of the spectrum, it really should come as no surprise that it is one of the go-to colors for autumn. If you have naturally warm or honey toned skin, you will look great with a bright copper hue or a muted auburn, so go ahead and give it a try to change things up this season. 

Cool Chestnut

If you are already a brunette and you want to stay that way but you want a subtle change for the fall season this year, try out a cool chestnut shade. This is also a good option for women who already have blonde hair but would like to go just a little bit darker. A light chestnut brown is a good place to start, though you can search for medium brown colors with golden tones as well. 

Red Accents on Dark Hair

Want to get a little bit of both worlds when it comes to brown and red hair? Then start by dyeing your hair a deep brown hue and adding reddish highlights. Or look for a shade that is designed to give you a part auburn, part brown look after it is applied. When searching for hair color that you can use at home, look for colors like dark auburn or deep brown auburn. These colors will give you the deep brown look you love with a reddish cast over it. 

Burnt Auburn

Again, auburn is a hugely popular color for the fall, and it's the ideal way to go a little bit red without overdoing it. In fact, it's a great way to achieve a natural red color that you'll love and probably want to sport the rest of the year as well. Burnt auburn, in particular, offers a darker and more dramatic look than regular auburn, and it looks fantastic on curly or straight hair. If you want to add a coppery appearance to your tresses, this is definitely a good place to start. 

Letting Your Natural Roots Grow In

One of the latest hair color trends is actually a little bit strange. It involves letting your natural roots grow in, in addition to dyeing the rest of your hair. While this may seem counterintuitive because you've always been taught to touch-up your roots as they grow in, it's actually a really great look for fall because it's cool, casual, and provides a multi-tonal color that's surprisingly easy to achieve. All you basically need to do, if your roots aren't the right color to begin with, is apply lowlights to your roots along with subtle highlights to your ends. 

Before you color your hair, make sure that it is in a healthy state. Dyeing your hair can do some damage and dry your tresses out, so be sure to research some hair care tips before you dye your hair so that you can maintain its softness, shine, and beauty throughout the entire process, and so that you will love the results.

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