As the days get shorter and the weather takes a sharp downwards turn, it can be tempting to trade the kale for cookies and the gym gear with slippers and a spot on the couch. But just because winter is on its way doesn’t mean you need to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Follow these great tips to keep yourself looking and feeling great throughout the colder months.

Find yourself a great fitness centre

The key to fitness is finding a great support network. Very few people are able to maintain focus and motivation on their own, so finding a great support network will help you stay on the bandwagon when you don’t want to break a sweat. Fitness centres like Cutting Edge Performance Centre are great to sign up to, as you will find yourself surrounded by passionate, motivated, professionals who care about your fitness, even when you don’t.As you get to know people, you will find they keep you accountable as they notice when you don’t come, so you’ll be less likely to miss a gym session.

Instructors on duty at Cutting Edge Performance Center
Instructor on duty at Cutting Edge Performance Center

Set yourself a meal plan you’ll enjoy sticking with

Winter is a difficult time to restrict calories or focus on dieting, as the weather tends to breed comfort eating. Before the weather turns too cold, set yourself an easy-to-stick-to meal plan that will last you throughout the season. You’ll want plenty of dinner options, so don’t focus on a 7 or 14 day rotation, as you’ll get bored quickly. Instead, choose a large range of your favourite winter foods, and find ways to make them healthier. You might want to change the type of protein you are using, or perhaps increase the amount of vegetables in the dish. By taking this route, you won’t feel like your winter comforts have been denied, but you also won’t compromise your health.

Indulge in other health opportunities

Staying fit and healthy can extend beyond healthy nutrition and hard-core workouts. Winter can be a great time to indulge in a wider range of healthcare. You could allow yourself fortnightly remedial massages, add a relaxing yoga class to your weekly timetable (if you want to beat the cold, make it Bikram yoga), or relax your muscles with a weekly bubble bath. These are all comforting behaviours that will help your overall health.

Healthy Meal Plan
Set yourself a meal plan you’ll enjoy sticking with

Allow yourself to enjoy the season

So many fitness people curse the colder months, but if you can find a way to enjoy the cold and the fewer hours of sunlight, you will find it easier to stick to your fitness journey. Perhaps it is the refreshing feel of cold air on your face, or the freedom of anonymity that comes with running at night – whatever it is, embrace the season.

Staying fit and healthy during winter isn’t an impossible goal. Break the season up into small, manageable parts, allow yourself to have a few days off here and there, and stick through until spring. What is your best tip for sticking to your fitness regime in winter?

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