Many of us have a favourite photograph and just seeing the image often puts us back in that special moment or allows us to think of someone special. Memories are definitely a precious gift and that is why it such a great idea to create a present for someone that will often be so well received and stay with them for a long time. 

You  will  be  using  your printer to help create these gifts so it makes sense to ensure that you don’t run  out of  ink when  you most need it,  so  consider  stocking  up on  your  cartridges using an online supplier like Stinky Ink amongst others. Once your printer is primed and ready for action, here are some great ideas to consider.


Box of memories

A nice and simple gift idea but one that will often be treasured by the recipient, is give someone special like a parent, some photos in a box. The idea is to create a simple gift box and then choose of your ten favourite photos which may be some special shared memories or pictures of loved ones. A box of memories is very easy to create and an attractive aspect of this simple but endearing present is the fact that you can add and change the photos as you go along and create more memories.

“My favourite things”

Kids often have a list of their favourite things that range from their most-loved cuddly toy to what they most like to play with. You can create a “My Favourite Things” book which features pictures of treasured items and people with some words on each page which can be used to create a story that you can read to your child or to create a book of childhood memories. There are online book printing services you can upload your images and words to in order to create this special book or you can put it together yourself using some good quality paper and a binder.

Wall art

You could use your printer to create a unique photo collage which would make an excellent gift as a birthday present or even a wedding or anniversary gift. There are some instructions available on how to put this project together and how to present it in an artistic way. You will need a few things such as a solid piece of card or maybe plywood and the clip-art photo frames you can get in various sizes work quite well for this task. All you need to do then is create a photo montage of meaningful memories and you have just created an attractive present that will probably take price of place on the wall.

Puzzle blocks

If you have some spare building blocks lying around, you could create some fun silly picture puzzle blocks that will give the family some fun and entertainment. All you need to do is print out some family pictures that will work well when cut into three or four sections and then stick them on the blocks. The fun starts when you start stacking the blocks and mixing up the heads with different bodies!

Your printer has plenty of uses other than printing out documents so why not use it to create some special memories or an unusual and personal gift? John Sollars started his company in 2002 and has watched the printing industry evolve over time. With a passion for writing and for helping people, he likes to share what he has learned over the years. Look for his illuminating posts on many websites and blogs.

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