Vaping has become big business in the 2010's. It has taken the world by storm as an alternative to smoking and dipping. It does not cause a smoke odor, it doesn't create bad breathe or stinky hair, and it tastes much better than traditional smoking or dipping. In addition, there are so many flavors, battery packs (mods), and tanks to choose from. The vaping experience is completely customized for the user, according to his or her preferences.


Varieties of E-Liquid Flavors 

The most amazing trait regarding vaping liquids is that they come in thousands of flavors. Cigarettes simply cannot compete with the delicious liquid flavors that are now available. There are even liquids that mimic the taste of tobacco for long time cigarette smokers. Bakery, fruity, floral, mint, and drink inspired liquids are just some of the types of liquids that can be found through suppliers. In addition to variety in flavor, there are different levels of nicotine and PG to VG levels. The nicotine levels will differ based on each user's preference, as does the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) content. PG is usually the cheaper option while VG is a bit more expensive; yet VG offers a smoother vaping experience. 

Wide Availability 

Liquids for vaporizers can be bought in several different places. They can be purchased in local physical stores, mall kiosks, or they can be bought online through sites like This makes it incredibly easy to obtain the brand of e-liquid that works best for the customer. Shipping charges are usually fairly low, as the bottles are small and light. Unlike tobacco products, these liquids can easily be purchased online. Tobacco products are highly regulated, making it virtually impossible to purchase them online. 

Eliminating Smoke Odor 

Other than negative health effects, one of the downfalls of smoking true tobacco is the overwhelming and unattractive smoke odor that follows the smoker. The smoker's clothing, hair, breath, vehicle, and home will reek of cigarette smoke. In comparison, vaping does not produce smoke; it produces a water-like vapor. This vapor may provide an aromatic scent in the immediate room, but the smell and vapor quickly dissipates. Those who switch to vaping will also notice that their sensitivity to cigarette smoke increases the longer they go without a cigarette. 

Vaping is a wonderful alternative to smoking, especially when flavor variety, ease of access, and smoke elimination are important. Many smokers turn to vaping just because of how delicious and uplifting the e-liquids actually are. Mixing and matching liquids is interesting as well, making vaping an attractive switch for cigarette smokers.

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