One of the reasons why we call comfort food a comfort food is that, no matter where we are in the world, whoever we’ve become, despite how sophisticated our palates have become, despite how many international cuisines we’ve made and tried, at some point in our life we always go back recollecting the flavours and finding comfort to the aroma we used to be at ease, happy and contented with - the food memories and flavours of our home. 

I know for a fact every Filipino home have its own well-kept recipe handed down from generation to generation. Same recipe became a family's pride and each member's food solace to run into. But with many Pinoy families nowadays slowly having no time in the kitchen those recipes are best kept hidden in the kitchen drawer.

Filipino Comfort Food Davao at Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City
FCF - Filipino Comfort Food Davao is conveniently located 
at Market Basket Complex, Damosa, Lanang, Davao City

Glad to know, FCF – Filipino Comfort Food has opened its doors to recreate the true flavours of home we can always visit and find solace to. 

I was invited to try their home-cooked offerings and hope you can join me as we travel down our food memory lane through Chef Cathy Binag's comfort food creation.

Filipino Comfort Food Davao's modern Filipino, traditional interior
FCF has a modern traditional Filipino interior. Tables are amply spaced giving diners a good room to move around. Their staff are also courteous and  know by heart what’s on the menu.

I met Chef Cathy Binag, the owner, when we first tried their food at The White House, an acclaimed fusion and wine resto which she also own, like a year back  This lady oozes passion when it comes to her food creation. A very generous and outspoken lady too who cares nothing but concern whether you like the food she serves or not. 

So let's dig in! First on the table;

Kilawin na Kambing for appetizer. I grew up in a farm with most of our tenants, Ilocano. I know quiet a number of traditional ways how this dish is being prepared - from slaughtering to torching, cleaning the skin and to slicing. FCF's version is easy-going and straightforward, I like it!

Filipino Comfort Food Davao Kilawin na Kambing
Kilawin na Kambing (P200)

Chicken Skin. I'm an instant fan. The suka dip was so good. Fried to golden brown perfection, cripsy and non-greasy. Andrew, our DBS Pres. went for another plate. :) The next time I'll come back, it'll be with a bottle of beer! How's that!

Filipino Comfort Food Davao Chicken Skin
Chicken Skin (P80)

Sizzling Tenga ng Baboy at Balot. There's always a first time so they say. And t'was my first time having this dish. It's spicy. The chili tamed the balot smell a little bit and the crunchy tenga complimented the easy and soft texture of the balot. If you're adventurous, order up!

Filipino Comfort Food Davao Sizzling Tenga ng Baboy at Balot
Sizzling Tenga ng Baboy at Balot (P240)

Chicken Binakol with Young Buko. I'm no good cook, but this made me thinking, maybe I should recreate this at home? I really should try. A steaming bowl of this will drown all your worries away. Promise, this is so good!

Filipino Comfort Food Davao Chicken Binakol with Young Buko
Chicken Binakol with Young Buko (P250)

Laing. If you're a laing fan and looking for options of your usual fare. 
This is a delicious and good version to try.
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Laing
Laing (P210)

Binagoongang Baboy. One of FCF's best sellers. 
If you worry not about flagging another cup of rice, this is a recommended pick! 
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Binagoongang Baboy
Binagoongang Baboy (P265)

Kalderetang Baka. I can see happy fiesta of my granny's hometown in this bowl. This is one of FCF's signature dishes. The meat falls off from the bone, tender and flavourful. This bowl serves 2-4 persons. Swoon!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Kalderetang Baka
Kalderetang Baka (P395)

Pocherong Baka. If you're taste map is on the sweet side, this dish is perfect! 
Also Serves 2-4 persons.
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Pocherong Baka
Pocherong Baka (P395)

Crispy Pata. All-time favorite, something a hungry soul should indulge once in a while. Crispy and tender, with so much bursting flavor in the inside. That side dish, burong singkamas is the bomb that comes along with this dish. I so like it!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata (P400)

Lemon Grass Tea. This reminded me to tend my rows in my backyard. Our lowly tanglad is really finding fame in the menu. I yet have to try the hot variant. Must try too!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Lemon Grass Tea
Lemon Grass Tea (P80)

And now, the dessert! 

Guava Sorbetes. The pink guava flavor is so distinct on this scoop. It truly washes off flavour build-up in the tongue. But if it's a sorbet, I think the soft-serve consistency should be worked out more.
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Lemon Guava Sorbet
Guava Sorbetes (P100)

Ube Haleya. I'm a fan of this kakanin. 
FCF's version is so good, it taste like and mouth-feel like sorbetes. Superb!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Ube Haleya
Ube Haleya (P80)

Minatamis na saging with langka. All-time Pinoy favourite, so like that there's a langka twist in this bowl. But I think a hundred bucks for 4 pcs. is just too steep.
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Minatamis na Saging
Minatamis na saging with langka (P100)

Bibingka. I'm a long time fanatic of this bibingka. Think it's a heaven's-sent-all-so-good twist to my granny's bibingka. The contrasting flavors made this bibingka a stand-out.
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Bibingka
Bibingka (P130)

Turon. The langka made this turon so good!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Turon
Turon (P100)

Biko. This is so home. I really love this :) Well, what's not to love about biko?
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Biko
Biko (P60)

Puto Bungbong. Just in time for simbang gabi. Starting Nov. 20 FCF will be serving breakfast meals, this included. This a FCF must try!
Filipino Comfort Food Davao Puto Bungbong
Puto Bungbong (P70)

Suman sa Latik. How can this be so good? Recommended pick! So love it!

Filipino Comfort Food Davao Suman sa Latik
Suman sa Latik (P100)

So when you're in town or simply a Davaoeno who want to have the usual Filipino fare, reliving the flavours of home in a relaxed and with a good parking setting, Chef Cathy Binag's FCF - Filipino Comfort Food is the place to be.  

FCF's 'lutong-bahay' is unpretentious, straightforward and boasts all-so-good flavours of home dishes, you'll go home, happy :)

Damosa Complex,
Lanang, Davao City, Philippines

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