Located at 1050 Jacinto Extension here in Davao City is REKADO. A charming and cozy Filipino comfort food restaurant also fondly called ‘the house of glass’. I’ve seen and heard a lot about this resto since it opened in summer and thought one day I should stop by and try. But for some reasons beyond me I always end up foregoing the plan. But on Saturday, I was more than privileged to join a bunch of awesome foodies to try and sample Rekado’s menu offering.


The interior of the resto is as awesome as its exterior. It boasts modern rustic fixtures with neat sheer curtain panels allowing all-natural light to come in. The high ceiling of the dining hall make it look so spacious, comfy and blithe. On the whole, I simply love the place. But hey! More than a comfortable dining set-up is its equally delectable dishes thought your grandmother used to prepare back in your childhood.

I was amazed to see that Rekado has an extensive list on their menu. If you’re a meat eater, a vegan, a non-pork eater or a seafood aficionado, there’s quite a sumptuous list waiting for you to pick. Just because the place looks expensive doesn't mean their list on the menu is too, you'd be surprised to know dishes are not only priced fairly, they're also served generously. Anyone craving for the taste and aroma of home can enjoy the food without a guilt of being broke. So what are we waiting for, join me as we dig in!

First on the table;

Fresh Lumpia. I can hear you saying, that big? Yes, that big, a foot-long fresh lumpia. Rekado have all their dishes served in big portions, meant to be shared with family and friends. 

Rekado Davao's Fresh Lumpia
Fresh Lumpia (P175)

Gising-Gising. What’s a Filipino comfort food without veggies served from the song Bahay Kubo? This sigarilyas or winged bean in bagoong and coco milk is something you should try at Rekado. My subconscious foodie told me it’s super spicy (yeah, blame it to my lola, she always love to eat with her ears hot and smoking) but Rekado’s version is so palate-friendly, I love it to bits.

Rekado Davao's Gising-Gising
Gising-Gising (P240)

Pinaputok na Bangus. I’ve eaten quite a lot of this national fish of ours cooked in more ways than one in my lived life but I have to honest here, this is my first time eating steamed Bangus with buko (young coconut) meat in the inside. Tell you what? It’s more than sooo good! The buko took out the stench smell, complimented the greens and the spices you wouldn’t realize you’ve devoured it all. 

This is served with three side dishes; the burong manga, the ensaladang talong and the eternal Filipino default saw-sawan, tuyo. You shouldn’t miss a platter of this when in Rekado, must try!

Rekado Davao Pinaputok na Bangus
Pinaputok na Bangus (P295)

Baby Back Ribs. Meat eaters, fret not. There’s something hot and smoking for you too. Braised for hours, this meat goodness comes to the table tender and tasty. Recommended pick!

Rekado Davao Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs (Share P390 | Solo P195)

Crispy Beef Tadyang. With all frankness, thought this was gummy, but god of foods help me, it’s actually real good. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside - thought that’s the best line to describe this dish. Finger lickin' ahhh! BTW, best eaten with bare hands! 

Rekado Davao Crispy Beef Tadyang
Crispy Beef Tadyang (P325)

Crispy Pork Binagoongan. I’m a devout to anything pork binagoongan. Truth be told, pinapatulan ko lahat yan. Thought it’s always an experience to try eating other versions of cooking other than my granny’s all-pork-fat edition. So, if you’re a pork binagoongan explorer, Rekado’s version is a dish to experience.

Rekado Davao Crispy Pork Binagoongan
Crispy Pork Binagoongan (P270)

Kalderobo. Kalderobo is a portmanteau of kaldereta and abodo. Popular Filipino food knowledge tells us these two typically have thick sauce and rich flavour, Rekado’s kalderobo is presented otherwise. This fusion comes in light, less grease and easy-going sauce. I like the idea that it’s served in an iron plate, keeps it warm a while longer. Superb! 

Rekado Davao Kalderobo
Kalderobo (P320)

Crispy Tokwa't Tenga. This is so good paired with rice, but believe me when I say, best when paired with beer and a good company. Flavorful pick, so love it!

Rekado Davao Crispy Tokwa't Tenga
Crispy Tokwa't Tenga (P220)

Suman con Leche. Sticky rice topped with ube butter, nuts and a generous helping of caramel sauce. This is a meal in itself. Thought this is the death of me. God, this is so good! Best pick for merienda cena. 

Rekado Suman con Leche
Suman con Leche (P145)

Cucumber Lemonade Carafe. Healthy, refreshing, so nice a color kids will love! Promise!

Cucumber Lemonade Carafe (P225)

Rekado Mojito. Rekado Davao don’t just serve sumptuous food of home, they too serve a variety of cocktails for your friends or co-workers to share and enjoy!

Rekado Mojito

And what's good food if not shared with good friends and have good laughs! Cheers!
(Thank you Jojie Alcantara for this photo)

With our gracious hostess, Mrs. Lena Benedicto (front left) Thank you for having us. 
We'll be back!
(Thank you Jojie Alcantara for this photo)

There’s nothing more comforting and satisfying than savouring the familiar aroma and flavours of home. Rekado Davao definitely hit it home!

Filipino Comfort Cuisine
1050 Jacinto Extension,
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. call (082) 284-2136 or 0915-722-9299
Open Mondays to Sundays. 11am - 10pm


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