Deciding on an outfit for a quick trip or an evening out can be overwhelming. Many people forget to include accessories with their outfit choice, but accessories are a quick way to add a sense of style to a favorite outfit. Selecting jewelry and a handbag to coordinate with the rest of an outfit can be a fun way to add flair. There are several options for choosing pieces that work well with a variety of outfits or occasions.

Starfish Beach Jewelry

Bright Jewelry 

It can be tempting to opt for a classic gold or silver necklace and earrings, and many times these pieces are a great choice. However, consider adding jewelry that has a splash of color. A necklace that features bright hues, for example, can be a great complement to a summer dress. Many themed jewelry pieces are also available. While traditional pieces of jewelry are classy and subtle, a bright piece of jewelry is a great way to add excitement to a wardrobe. Pairing a gold necklace with bright stones against a soft blue dress or blouse can be an easy option for making the outfit more vibrant. Ocean themed jewelry is a fun idea for a cruise or beach trip. Don’t be afraid to be creative when deciding on a wardrobe. 

Comfortable Shoes 

It can be easy to sacrifice comfort for style, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Search for a pair of shoes that are stylish and comfortable. Planning which shoes to wear on a trip can be a challenge, which is why it is always best to bring several options along. Stylish heels can be worn to a fancy dinner party, and comfortable sandals can easily be tucked into a bag or tote if needed later on in the evening. 
Gold Keds Shoe

Attractive Bag 

While purses are a popular option, a purse may not always be best for every occasion. In a relaxed environment, such as a gym session or a picnic, a tote or similar bag can be more functional. A sailor bag can be a fun option for water outings, such as a beach trip. 

Adding accessories to a wardrobe does not have to be difficult. Try to add colors and coordinate with favorite pieces of clothing. A piece of jewelry or an attractive bag can quickly take an outfit from plain to extraordinary

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