Jewelry is fascinating because it has the ability to take a very average-looking outfit to an entirely new level. There are many different types of materials and gemstones that make up beautiful jewelry pieces, but few are quite as beautiful and legendary as the pearl. These gemstones have been around for thousands of years, seen not only for their beauty, but also as special treasures that could protect people from harm. These mysterious gems have been symbolic of magic, beauty, and love—and these days, you can get away with wearing them with jeans and the right shirt. Necklaces come in many different sizes, but here are three suggestions when it comes to wearing pearls:

1. Choker.This necklace size is under 15 inches. It is often suitable for strapless tops or tops with lower necklines. It can be combined with high-collared clothing when layered with longer strands.
2. Short.A short necklace is usually over 16 inches long. This may be suitable for off-shoulder tops, boatnecks, collared shirts, and V-necks.
3. Long.Long necklaces, those in the range of 72 inches and longer, can go with high-collared tops, including those that are off the shoulder. They are best avoided with strapless clothing.

Of course, how you decide to wear your pearl necklaces is entirely up to you. You can even combine them with necklaces of different materials. Check out the guide below to learn more about how you can accessorize with pearls.

How to wear pearls

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