Essential oils do more than just smell nice, they provide a wide array of health benefits that help the user live a healthier and happier life. In fact, certain essential oils have the ability to improve moods, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and eliminate stress.


Mood Enhancing Essential Oils

The following uplifting essential oils are commonly used to improve moods.

• Basil
• Clary Sage
• Geranium
• Jasmine
• Lemon
• Lavender
• Wild Orange
• Rose
• Sandalwood
• Ylang Ylang

Using Essential Oils

Know that you know which essential oils improve moods, you will need to learn how to properly use them. Essential oils are usually used in one of three ways; inhalation, diffusing or massage.

The inhalation method doesn’t require any special tools and simply means you inhale the oils by either rubbing them into your hands – cupping your hands over your nose when you want to breathe in the oils – or applying the essential oils to a cotton ball that you have stored in an airtight container. When ready to use, simply open the container and breathe in the essential oil.

With the diffuser method, you will need to purchase a diffuser. These products are readily available at various department store and will introduce the essential oil into the air throughout the day. This is a great way to improve the smell of your home while reaping the benefits of the essential oil.

The massage method will require adding 10 drops of the desired essential oil into about 2 ounces of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil. You can also add the oils to a base lotion. The mixture is then rubbed or massaged into the skin.

Uplifting Blend Recipe

The following essential oil blend is perfect for beginners who are looking to uplift their spirits with the help of essential oil.

• 1 part sandalwood
• 2 parts basil
• 3 parts geranium
• 4 parts ylang ylang
• 4 parts clary sage

Take the 5 essential oils above and mix them together in a dark glass container. When you need a pick me up, simply use the mixture with one of the methods listed in the Using Essential Oils section of this article.


While essential oils are generally thought of as safe, there are times when you shouldn’t use them. For example, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, as well as young children, shouldn’t use certain essential oils. To keep you and your family safe, always consult with a doctor before using any essential oil.

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