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What we typically know about the definition of Digital Influencer is that, they are individuals who have the power to affect the decisions, emotions and perspectives of others because of their perceived knowledge, position, relationship or authority in that particular field shared through digital media.

I’d like to share a little story about one of my recent encounters with a former priest-anthropologist mentor of mine. Sometimes I don’t like talking to this man, not that I don’t want to know what happened to the everydayness of the Dalits, but it’s just that in his world so full of intellectual octa cores, I’m tailing way far loading for my next brain resolve. In other words, I'm just one struggling celeron in his world. He’s sickhead and an intellectual influencer in an analogue kind of way.

And so one day, over a 5inch thick book of Dalitology and a stingy cup of Civet coffee, he shared that what if influencers in the digital world, where stories can reach and influence millions in just a click of a mouse, can spare a little time to tell and share stories of the Dalit's plight? I bet my job as an anthropologist would be a lot less taxing, what do you think? I think the digital immersion would be another platform to do your research, what do you think again?

Putting it differently, there are countless stories out there and a hundred and one more ways to tell it.

I read it somewhere that storytelling is central to human existence and is very common to every known human culture. So much that it evolved and has adopted a new form and has given rise to a dynamic narrative platform – the digital podium. Digital technology has given us a window to see into what’s taking place when humans tell, read, watch and listen to stories being shared online. Stories gain power and they become an influential tool for driving our objectives forward.

We as #DigitalInfluencers has the power to influence, engage and inspire our stakeholders into action in a way not possible with any other forms of communication. Digital media can be two very fluid worlds. One can flounder on stories right in the confines of virtual reality or get real and face the face of reality. 

There are stories big and small all around us. These are the stories that move us, these are the stories that make us feel alive, stories that inspire us, stories that make and break us. 

Davao City is one repository of never ending and rich stories worth sharing to the world. Stories of defeat, victory, depression, inspiration. Stories of food, beauty, fashion and so much more. And just like the Dalits, we also have our own stories of social injustices, cultural biases, pains and comforts of development, stories of love, conquest, division, heartbreaks and betrayals. 

My elder even have his own story of invitation. An invitation to live and invest in Davao, The City in Bloom. (Gosh, matraffic na!)

This is why Davao City needs more not just digital story tellers but digital influencers who can delight, bewitch, touch, teach, recall, ignite, motivate, challenge, engage, influence and can make a difference in this anxious and fast-moving world.

In the words of Robert McKee, - storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. And we are glad we the Davao Digital Influencers share this vision and mission to share in a responsible and sensible kind of way.

Davao Digital Influencers through the inspiration of our organizational mission will share stories to the world that’s engaging, inspiring, influencing and will hope to make a difference in the community where we operate. This is what we want the world to know about Davao.

Today, marks the birth of the influencers who will deliver this commitment. Congratulations, Davao Digital Influencers, Inc.

We thank you dear generous sponsors for believing in our dream to make this world a better place.


Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting Davao Digital Influencers, Inc

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