If you're going to a new doctor for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind so that the visit goes as well as possible. Offices like Cypress Family Medicine usually have new patient forms online to complete instead of spending time in the office completing them, which will prevent time being wasted that can be spent with the doctor. You want to have a copy of your medical records with you or have your medical records sent to the new office so that the doctor has an idea of your medical history before talking to you.


Take the time to talk to the staff about your appointment when you schedule your day and time. You'll need to let the office know if there are any refills that you will need when you visit and if there are any new medications that you might need. You should also let the doctor know if there are any side effects from the medications that you're taking so that the dosage can be adjusted or so that you can take a new medication. 

Let the staff know why you're visiting the doctor so that notes can be made on your chart. This can help to give the doctor an idea of any tests that might need to be done. If you are uncomfortable discussing some of the medical needs with the staff, then at least let the staff know that it's personal issues and how many issues you're experiencing. 

There are a few office policies that you want to find out about, such as what happens if there is a cancellation or what happens if you are late. Some offices will allow you to be a few minutes late, but there are some that will want you to reschedule the appointment. If there is a new issue that has come up since the last appointment, then you need to let the doctor know. Talk to the doctor about any abnormal issues that you see on the skin or any pains that you're feeling that haven't been present. Some of these conditions could be a result of medications while others could be a sign that something else is wrong.

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