While ozone therapy isn’t brand new, it certainly has been creating quite the buzz as of late. If you’ve been curious about what these ozone therapy clinics can do for you, then you could be in for a surprise. In fact ozone therapy can help with a variety of health conditions and offers scientific evidence to back up its claims.


The process has been around for more than 80 years and has really been perfected over time. Where it is really helping people is in the area of chronic illnesses,by giving people hope and relief from all kinds of conditions.

Eczema and Acne

It's incredible just how many people struggle with eczema and acne around the world. People spend all kinds of money on products in the hope that it stops their breakouts and flare-ups. Ozone therapy has been shown to offer some really exciting results with these chronic skin problems. There has been studies performed that show that ozone therapy works by killing fungi and bacteria that go on to cause skin problems.

Musculoskeletal Pains and Aches

Perhaps one of the most common uses of ozone therapy is injections to help ease musculoskeletal pains and aches. These include things like TMJ, arthritis, back pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis, knee pain, and much more. Once the ozone gas is injected into you, it will then start to speed up your metabolism. This is important because it then speeds up your body's muscle repair process and the results of the therapy tend to be much longer-lasting than other therapies such as cortisone shots.

Multiple Sclerosis

Although considered an "alternative medicine", ozone therapy for multiple sclerosis is another area that is seeing some positive results. While it isn't a "cure" for MS as there is no cure for the illness, some patients are seeing an improvement in their actual symptoms. Ozone therapy is known to help reduce inflammation, fight fatigue, decrease a person's anxiety levels, and help to lower pain, all of which can affect MS sufferers.

Combat Chronic Fatigue

For those who just always seem tired and lacking in energy, everyday activities can start to seem like too much effort. Whether you are suffering from a lack of sleep, or just never feel rested even after getting lots of sleep, chronic fatigue affects you physically and emotionally. It can cause problems at work and at home. 

By its very nature, ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen you have circulating in your blood. This means your body will start to benefit from better and more blood flow. As this begins to happen you should start to feel more energized, and even it fights depression, which is common when suffering from chronic fatigue.

Whether you suffer from one of the above mentioned conditions or another health issue, the benefits of ozone therapy only seem to be growing, so it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor about whether this treatment option could work for you.

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