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Christmas is just so around the corner and I can already smell what’s cooking in my grandma’s kitchen. I know you’re all in panicky mode trying to complete your extensive gift and shopping list but at the same time doing it within your budget.

Sometimes we think too much on what to give, we often end up giving something our manito or manita doesn’t need. I suggest this year, you give something practical, something they can use everyday and something that when you’re buying, you’re helping others make a living.

Aromacology Sensi is one of the rising Filipino companies today that carry a wide range of 98% Botanical-based wellness and beauty products. Their business model is designed to help mostly women to earn and achieve financial freedom while at the same time fulfilling their mothering responsibilities. They’re also committed to helping farmers, where they source directly their raw materials, sustain their livelihood.

I have used their products in the past. The Cocoa Beauty line is one of the best cocoa-based beauty products I’ve ever tried.

Recently, they have launched new products and I’m going to share them to you, hoping you would try it yourself and include them in your shopping list.

Aromacology Botanical Fresh Mouthwash and Spray

This green handy bottle contains 98% botanical fresh ingredients. It can be used as a mouth wash and a mouth spray. We commonly call this - breath freshener. It has peppermint, spearmint, tea tree extract and virgin coconut oil (VCO). This one's truly has a kick. A squirt is quite strong on the mouth but it feels so good after.

This can be your next travel buddy, keeps your mouth fresh and minty. Or if you’re a corporate suit and is bored to death in the boardroom, one spray and this will wake all your senses away.

Nothing is more practical than giving someone something they can use every single day of their life. 

SRP P210.00

Aromacology Botanical Fresh mouthwash and spray
Aromacology Botanical Fresh mouthwash and spray

Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel

Another practical gift suggestion you can purchase from Aromacology Sensi is this Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel. Formulated with three of nature's gift - Tea Tree extract, VCO and Activated Carbon. AC is known to have natural properties to absorb toxins and chemicals from our bodies. In the case of dental hygiene, it is one of the most potent and natural elements to whiten teeth.

It’s rare we can find toothpaste with activated carbon component in the grocery shelves to date. Most of what’s on the shelf are highly induced with chemicals. Aromacology’s product is one refreshing alternative to the usual you should try.

SRP P260.00

Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel
Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel has no SLS, no flouride, no paraben, 
no artifical color and no artificial preservative.

Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel
Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel is 98% Botanical-based

Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel
Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel is super minty and foamy. 
Makes your mouth feeling fresh and shiny teeth every after brushing. 
And with constant use your teeth will have a shade lighter.

H-Cream or the Healing Cream
Aromacology Sensi's Healing Cream

H-Cream or the Healing Cream

Have you ever used the White Flower oil? They say, it is one of Asia’s greatest gifts to humankind. But the thing is, whenever you use it, every single atom in the whiff of it spreads around like you’re the least well of all humans. Di ko ganahan? 😓

So Aromacology is giving us an option - The H-Cream. This Healing Cream is Aromacology’s gift to you people. A pea size spread and rubbed on your palm can soothe and decongest clogged sinuses in no time. It’s calming and soothing. Every bottle is packed with natural sweet orange, lemon, spearmint and is VCO based.

I love it truly! There's no white flower-like whiff left in the wake. Perfect travel and practical home companion and is suitable for all ages.

Have this on your gift list, your manita/manito will love it!

SRP P275.00/100ml

H-Cream or the Healing Cream
Experiencing the healing wonders of H-Cream with

Aromacology Magic Cushion

I’m really amazed at how fast beauty products evolve these days. From block and boxed face powder to now liquid powder in a cushion packed in a compact. How awesome is that?

Magic Cushions are practically your CC creams in a cushion packed in a compact. The idea of convenience and fad is so apparent here, thought it gives women extra life and power.

I've been longing to score one for myself but for some reasons it always get pushed down to the bottom of the list, until Aromacology showed us theirs.

Aromacology Magic Cushion
The compact is neat and handy. The cushion sponge there is filled with cream 
and a dabbing foam on a separate pad. 

Aromacology Magic Cushion
It contains bamboo extract for skin hydration and hamamelis or witch-hazel extract that keeps skin aglow, smooth and supple. It's SPF 50++ so gurls we have protection from the sun.

It's really a joy to be with these crazy bunch, no dull moments ever. 
I love the Aromacologers!

Joining us, is the only rose among the thorns, Glen! hahaha! 

Aromacology Magic Cushion
When you see it!

The left part of my face is Aromacology Magic Cushion covered, see the difference? Unlike the usual bottled cream where finger-in-effort is overly needed to blend it in, this practically cuts half my effort and time. Just dab, dab and go. And it's a lot less messy.

It's super easy application, buildable coverage,  super moisturing, very lightweight and cool adherence. I super like the glowing effect after. It gives my 40ish skin a cleaner and smoother look. Super micro coverage and doesn't dry up and becomes cakey. I've been using this for like two weeks now and so far no build-up, therefore, no break outs.

Highly recommended to be included in your gift list, your manita will love it!

With Aromacology CEO, Vanessa Mondragon.
Thank you as always for having us.

Watch out for my Aromacology Lose Weight Challenge results with Aromacology Alkaline Multi-Grain Super Food and Coconut Oil Extra Virigin. 

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For business opportunities with Aromacology, visit;

Head Office: Door 1 #546 E. Quirino Ave., 
Davao City, Philippines
Phone No. (082) 300 7423 | 0922 833 3361

(Some photos shared by Ms. Jojie Alcantara)

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