Hello there and Merry Christmas!

I don’t know if it is fate or just plain culinary indulgence that I’m been so engaged to a lot of food-related and food in itself happy circumstance these past few days. I can’t find an excuse that is responsible for this so I’d blame it to Christmas season. It happen only once a year anyway, so why not. 

Lately, I got invited by a good friend, Jojie Alcantara to join her to try Cafe Frances' at The Pinnacle Hotel, all-new and improved delicious offerings. I’ve been to this hotel many times in the past to attend events but with all honesty, I never really attempted to dine and wine at their resto until this event.

Cafe Frances at The Pinnacle Hotel

Cafe Frances is located at the lobby area of The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites. It’s an all-day casual dining place. It boasts international and Filipino menu featuring hearty selections of both. Generous breakfast is also served here everyday both for the hotel guests and walk-ins who would love to try something out of the usual.

We were welcome by the new General Manager, Ed B. Gomez. He gladly shared to us his prolific around-the-globe hospitality experience and how they’ve came, along with their gifted chefs, to improve Cafe Frances menu that now, they’re so proud to say – ‘lami na kaayo’.

So without further ado, join me in this hearty culinary adventure set at Cafe Frances at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites.

First off, we we’re served;

Fresh Pineapple and Moringa Juice. Thought this is one of the power juices that cures-all physical uncertainties there is in the universe. Not only refreshing, it's the healthiest as well I must say. Ask your server to make you one of these when at Cafe Frances.

Fresh Pineapple Juice with Moringa, Cafe Frances at The Pinnacle Hotel
Fresh Pineapple and Moringa Juice

Then came a parade of hearty plated goodness. 

This Trio of Adobo Sampler is something you shouldn't miss when at Cafe Frances. It has adobo sa gata, not my usual adobo so I tried it right away. Forget about diet with no rice, this require an extra and another extra rice, hehehe! 

Trio of Adobo Sampler, Cafe Frances at The Pinnacle Hotel
Trio of Adobo Sampler

I thought about my son, Angelo when I saw this Crispy Calamare Stack. He's a true fan of Calamare and can tell whether its good or not. I'll bring him here soonest. This Calamare stacks is as good as it looks and it comes with three dips too, awesome!  

Crispy Calamare Stacks
Crispy Calamare Stacks 

My usual Kare-Kare bet is when the ox skin included is as tender as the word, regardless whether it has bones or no bones. And it’s a delicious surprise to dig in to a Kare-kare with a crispy and peanuty bite with no bones at all. This is truly so good! Highly recommended!

Boneless Crispy Pata Kare-Kare
Boneless Crispy Pata Kare-Kare 

If you’re a fan of a Kapampangan specialty - Sisig, then you shouldn’t miss this for the world. Cafe Frances’ version combines a heady combination of crispiness and classic pork sisig flavours. Was thinking of beer ‘bugnaw’ really when I was scooping a portion to my plate. Ask nicely your server you want one!

Pork Sisig
Pork Sisig 

For those who can’t eat Pork, this Crocodile Sisig is the best option. The flavours are at par with the Pork sisig only that crocodile meat is leaner and a bit slimer. This is one of the exotic foods you should try when in Davao and they’re offered all-day long at Cafe Frances. 

Crocodile Sisig

Another Classic served was Gambas Pimiento. What's not to love about shrimps specially when they're unshelled and flaunts a little spicy fare? If you're in a hunt to find the best-flavoured Gambas in town, consider Cafe Frances' version. This will not disappoint you!

Gambas Pimiento
Gambas Pimiento 

Finding an angle on how to capture this hanging bird was kind of a struggle for me. Lol. But that’s the least of the problem. The real problem is how to polish this oh-so-good fried chicken off when you have eaten all of the above? 

Cafe Frances version of this all-time favourite Fried Chicken is the real deal, non-greasy and oh, so juicy. When you’re tagging kids along with you, have this on the table. I love how it’s presented; the kids will doubly love it seeing their favourite chicken hanged above a pile of chips and a ramekin of hearty gravy.

Pinnacle Fried Chicken

Life is lonely I guess without pizza. They’re a sure-fire hit with everyone. They go so well anytime with anyone. Cafe Frances has three variants, the All-Meat Pizza, Hawiian Chicken and Pineapple Pizza and Davawenya Pizza.

All-Meat Pizza, Hawiian Chicken and Pineapple Pizza and Davawenya Pizza
 All-Meat Pizza, Hawiian Chicken and Pineapple Pizza and Davawenya Pizza

And WEV’s choice is, oh, I love my own .... Davawenya Pizza. This is how pizza should be - cheesy, creamy, non-greasy and though it’s a cliché to say... it’s really oh, so yummy. Get this one first before the others. Highly recommended!

Davawenya Pizza
Davawenya Pizza

And now we're down to the final stretch of this hearty discovery - the desserts. 

Hubad and Turon Ala Mode
Hubad and Turon Ala Mode

Pie Ala Mode
Classic Pie ala Mode

There you go, ladies! When in Davao City and you’re looking for a place to stay and dine, head up to Cafe Frances at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites. 

I pass this place everyday of my life and it’s a shame I didn’t know they have all these delicious and hearty offerings until the day I was sitting on their dining hall munching on the pizza. It was indeed a hearty discovery in the heart of Davao City. Not too late, I suppose for me.

The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites boasts 214 rooms categorized into Superior, DeLuxe, Premier and Family Rooms. Also included are Executive Suites Deluxe Suites and the Pinnacle Suites where you can see the panoramic view of Davao City.

 Davao City seen from the Presidential Suite of The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
 Davao City seen from the Presidential Suite of The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

 Davao City seen from the Presidential Suite of The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
 East side of Davao City seen from the Presidential Suite 
of The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
The Presidential Suite bed in silk linens

Thanks a lot The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites for having us! 
Now we "know the feeling to be on the top"

blogger friends at the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
Thanks a lot Jojie Alcantara for this photo 😊

For reservations, bookings and inquiries;

The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
Sta. Ana Avenue, 8000 Davao City, Philippines

Call: (6382) 300-5885 | (6382) 300-1881

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